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Idaho Mid-Summer Moot 2264

By Thorbera OR

Our Idaho Mid-Summer Moot started on Friday night with the arrival of Heimgest in Idaho. We had planned a dinner get together for the Idaho residents and Heimgest so knowing he navigated his way from BC in Canada to the correct place was a relief. He contacted Arinbjorn OR and said he was going to lie down for a bit and then shower before we picked him up for dinner. At the appointed time we arrived at the hotel, checked at the front desk and were directed to his room. Yes, not very secure but we live in a semi secure city still!


A brief essay on the God Baldr.

Hey Ho High Midsummer

From the summer 2008 issue of The OR KIDS Bulletin. An article concerning Midsummer traditions throughout the Northern lands.

Midsummer Sun Maze

Printable maze in honor of the Summer Solstice of Midsummer: Festival of Balder.

Midsummer Coloring Pages

Printable Midsummer coloring pages for all ages.

The Yarrow

The yarrow grows in abundance all over Europe and most of the temperate and sub-Artic parts of the globe. It is generally denigrated and despised by gardeners, who call it a weed, and work diligently to eradicate it from their lawns and flowerbeds.…

Odinic Rite Vinland Folk Camp 2257

By Kathy Metzger AOR What can I say....another ORV Moot in the pages of OR history. It started as any other Moot, Donar's Hearth members running ragged getting all the preparations in place, finishing our shirts, booklets, food prep, etc... I mark the beginning of Moot at the Portland Airport at 2:30 am picking up our OR Brother Andy from Ontario, Canada. It is was awesome to meet him and honored he made such a long trip to attend Moot!