By Kathy Metzger AOR

What can I say….another ORV Moot in the pages of OR history.

It started as any other Moot, Donar’s Hearth members running ragged getting all the preparations in place, finishing our shirts, booklets, food prep, etc… I mark the beginning of Moot at the Portland Airport at 2:30 am picking up our OR Brother Andy from Ontario, Canada. It is was awesome to meet him and honored he made such a long trip to attend Moot!

When we arrived at our camp site we were pleasantly surprised. It was BEAUTIFUL. A small lake with a row boat (kids took full advantage of that) and a COVERED shelter for food prep and chatting around the fire. Those who know the Northwest and its constant “chance of showers” knows what a boon it is to have covered areas. We were lucky too, because soon the rain started. The thought ran through my head…will it actually rain for Moot? The weather said cloudy…I thought what happens, happens! When I arrived with the kids, I was greeted by my Hearth Sisters, Brothers, and Laurel Owen. For those that don’t know who she is, you should. She is an amazing woman that has volunteered with our incarcerated Kinsfolk for over a decade. She is independent and full of life. I was honoured to call her Sister this weekend! Soon Heimgest and Eowyn arrived and we all just enjoyed some good food and good company! I stayed up late and chatted with my niece and nephew, Jesse and Kristina, their friend Jason, and Fritz. We had so much fun just relaxing by the fire and enjoying each other’s company. Well it rained all night, but we stayed dry in our tents. THANK THE GODS!

The next morning, Asrekyr went and secured our Moot site. Soon followed our many guests that were all present by lunch time. We had the pleasure to welcome some new faces at our Moot. Folk from the River Wights Kindred and Falcon Kindred were able to attend. The morning was a little wet, but as soon as everyone started to arrive…it cleared up. The Gods provided a beautiful day for our Moot!
The Midsummer Blot and Naming were amazing. Heimgest and Eowyn named Sigrun Haylea Metzger and Bullvye Waldemar Moore. We read the same piece we did for Freydis’ naming, and Jesse (my nephew) wrote his piece for Bullvye. It was so humbling to be present at the naming of my GREAT nephew…I am a great aunt…can’t even believe it! Also, Jesse’s piece was a perfect flow from ours…as if we wrote them together. Synchronicity in action! As soon as we started galdoring the runes, Sigrun started singing and she continued singing for the entire ritual. It was great! She reached out for Heimgest several times and smiled at him every time he caught her eye.

The Midsummer Blot itself was energizing. Again Heimgest and Eowyn did an amazing ritual. During one point when Heimgest spoke of Baldur’s decent into darkness to rise again….a cloud covered the Sun. As he then spoke of Nana’s awakening in Baldur’s warmth and bringing delight to our fair lands the Sun emerged from the cloud…as if Heimgest had it on cue! We lit our Sunwheel and enjoyed a few moments of the crackling fire and crashing waves.

After the Blot, we returned to enjoy many beach activities. The kids went swimming in the freezing Pacific Northwest ocean, but they loved it! The kids boogie boarded, made sand castles, coloured in their booklets and just had a blast. Even an adult or two worked on the Fallow booklet completed for this event.

We ate our feast soon after and Bart, from the River Wights Kindred, made an offering to the Land Wights. Then it was time to prepare for Jesse and Kristina’s Handfasting.

It was such an honour to Handfast my Niece and Nephew. Not often does a family member get to have such a hand in an event. I have known Jesse his whole life. I have seen him grow from a boy to a rebellious and irresponsible youth to a responsible man, father, and now husband. Kristina I haven’t known her whole life, but these past few years I have come to know her as a wonderful woman. And on June 23, 2007 I was able to bring them together in the eyes of their Faith, Folk and Family. It took all that I am to not completely break down and cry when they read their own vows to each other. It was beautiful to see them look at each other with such endearing love. There was barely a dry eye in the crowd. They created such an inspiring energy, every couple there held their significant other.
After their Handfasting, we made our way back to the campsite for more socializing and the ever-popular Snap Dragon Ritual. I can’t explain this ritual, but it is THE most popular rite among our children. EVERY child was eagerly taking in the power of the Sun. The Folks who were experiencing it for the first time commented on how energizing it was. It is definitely the highlight of every Midsummer celebration.
The last day was dedicated to getting Folks back to planes and homes. The last official bit of business was the ORV Althing. So many great ideas and goals were discussed. It was great to have Laurel update us on the Prison Affairs Bureau. Her insights, suggestions and leadership in this arena are invaluable. I am glad to call her an OR Sister. I won’t go into to much detail here, but be on the lookout for some great activities in the coming months. The OR is about activism and you will see action.

The long drive home through the rainforests of the Northwest was calming. It was nice to just quietly reflect on a whirlwind weekend of rainstorms, Namings, Handfastings, and communing with the Folk Soul. Although we didn’t get to do everything we planned, I think it was very successful and from the comments I have heard from attendees, they thought so too!
It was definitely Folk Building in action. The foundations we are building for the future of our Folk now are going to give our children a strong community on which they can rely.

A special thanks to my Hearth Sisters and Brothers of Donar’s Hearth OR–Monica, Derek, Heidi, and Micheal (Fritz), Astrid, Thora, Erika, Gunnar, Hakon, Magnus, Rowan, and of course the babies Freydis and Sigrun. They pulled it together and I would like them to know how much Asrekyr and I appreciate their hard work and dedication to our Hearth, the Rite, our Folk and our Future! I would also like to thank all the attendees for their constant inspiration and assistance during the Moot. “Many hands make for light work” and our guests were examples of hospitality–a gift for a gift. Finally thank you to the visiting Kindreds. Odin’s Holy Nations grows and grows!

Hey ho high Midsummer! Hey ho high!

Folk Building Towards the Future!

Faith, Folk, Family
Kathy AOR
Donar’s Hearth OR
OR (Vinland)-Information Officer