By Thorbera OR

Our Idaho Mid-Summer Moot started on Friday night with the arrival of Heimgest in Idaho. We had planned a dinner get together for the Idaho residents and Heimgest so knowing he navigated his way from BC in Canada to the correct place was a relief. He contacted Arinbjorn OR and said he was going to lie down for a bit and then shower before we picked him up for dinner. At the appointed time we arrived at the hotel, checked at the front desk and were directed to his room. Yes, not very secure but we live in a semi secure city still!

Now, Arinbjorn has always joked that Heimgest appears in a puff of smoke due to his habitual smoking of a cheroot and being a very quiet man. So as we rode up the elevator that was the subject. We stood knocking….no answer. Again. Again…he could be that tired, Canada is not a quick jaunt by any means but he should hear us…no answer. Now we start questioning the room number. Arinbjorn was sure H told him a different room on the phone. After a firm discussion on WHO was knocking on the other door, Arinbjorn bucked up and gave it a knock. No answer. So as we head back to the elevator doors, I no sooner step forward when, poof, there he is! No smoke but just as quietly and mysteriously as usual!! Somehow he had gotten downstairs to the front of the hotel as we had gotten there and moved up! However we passed in a one elevator place we were now reunited. After welcoming him and chatting for a bit we were ready to head out to dinner.

Our party consisted of the three of us, Asrekyr OR, Hyndla OR, Harekr OR and his wife Laura and Noel S. OR and his wife Kellie S. OR. One big table in a very friendly restaurant! Many conversations, large and small were shared throughout the dinner and evening and all seemed to have a good time. After dinner and the departure of some it was time to get some business done. Again many topics were discussed yet all concerned the future of where the OR was heading and how to be the best beacon for the New Awakening we could be as an organization. Sooner than we knew, it was very early in the morning and we needed to all get home in order to get up and packed to head to the campsite.

Saturday morning alarm clocks went off too early in all of our houses, but that seems to be the norm here when we get together! Arinbjorn and I packed up and headed out as quickly as we could to be the welcoming party and get things organized for the site. This year’s gathering was going to be a small one as it was a rough year for some with health and financial issues being a hindrance but we were determined to make the best of it! Immediately after arriving Dustin and Nate pulled in. They are two of our Prison Affairs Bureau ‘graduates’ who had also attended our Yule fest and fit right in with the rest of us and it was good to see them at another OR event. They were there as guests of Arinbjorn to witness his ordination ceremony and to see again how the OR celebrates and rejoices in our rites and social events.

We set to work putting up tents and gazebos and fetching wash water and whatever else I felt I could make them do (hahaha). We were ready!! Harekr and his family were driving up with Heimgest as they were not planning on staying the night. They joined us and as they were Saturday night’s dinner providers we all were happy to see them! It was great to introduce our friends to H and to see how they fit in. And now we waited. And waited. I’m not saying the Metzger clan is always late but…we do love them and celebrate when they do finally arrive!! More work to be done helping them get their camp set up and bring their supplies into the group area. They ALWAYS have so much for the kids to do throughout the weekend; I don’t know what the other parents would do without them! This year even they were downsized and only had the 2 youngest girls, Sigrun and Freydis who were soon off catching bugs and exploring with Harekr’s three girls. Our last invited guest, Bo and his new family were yet to be seen but we had to get the evening going.

Asrekr brought the afternoons entertainment in a variety of arms and all the guys headed off to do some target shooting. If you are on the OR forum you have seen the pictures! My poor dogs were freaked but I stayed quiet because they were having way too much fun! It was NOT a man thing but us women just seemed to choose to sit and relax and visit. It was fun for all!!

We ate an awesome dinner provided by Harekr which was yummy as usual. He could open his own BBQ restaurant it’s that good!

Dinner finished, it was time for the very special blot for Arinbjorn’s ordination as an OR Gothi. Heimgest prepared and brought all of his energy and power to the rite! It was again something that, as Arinbjorn’s mom, brought tears to my eyes. I know how much time and energy he put into the Gothi course. I know how much completing the course meant to him AND I know how much it meant to him to have Heimgest perform this rite. It was something that he had waited 2 years for and this was the night. I can only say it was an amazing blot for all who attended!

As we were finishing the blot I noticed Bo had arrived and sighed with some relief that they had found us and arrived safely. Bo brought his girlfriend who we had met, Sara, and his niece Rylee. They too were welcomed into the group with hugs all around. Following the blot we asked that H also lead the Snapdragon rite. There is just something about the way he tells the story with that accent that just ups the fun and anticipation for all of us! The kids crowded in and the fire was lit and hands were flying! Mouths aglow all around and laughter filled the canyon! It is something I wish all our folk could witness and participate in if they haven’t yet! But it was also the end of our VERY long day. We said good night to H and Harekr and his family and waved as they drove back to the city. We all then headed to our tents for a chilly night in the Idaho mountains.

Sunday morning arrived bright and shiny. Lots to do today! We had the main Mid-Summer blot at noon and then our feast would follow. Unfortunately Heimgest would need to leave mid-afternoon to return to Canada and work so we could not delay. I hollered up and down the site to rouse all from their beds to come and eat Arinbjorn’s campfire breakfast. Gradually everyone stumbled to the group fire and chow was on! The conversation seemed to focus on the previous night’s rites and the shared energies and how they were still with us all this day!

Harekr and his wife arrived and then Heimgest drove up. This was a time for more conversation and visiting until noon when we again stood in a circle of friends, family and comrades. The Odinic Rite’s newest Gothi led the ceremony and even though he was pretty nervous about having to do this with his mentor in attendance he still did a great job and the valley resonated with his power and energy. I hope Heimgest was proud! Noel and Kellie showed up unexpectedly at the end of the blot but were able to stay long enough to socialize some and be included in photographs. They also left a wonderful carrot cake for our feasts dessert.

Our feast consisted of pork roasts this year. We gave up on the full size animal this year because we had such a small crowd AND we wanted to eat cooked meat on time!! Sides and meat were consumed and it was all too soon when we had to say our goodbyes to Heimgest. It was such an honor to have him come to our camp and such an honor to me personally for him to come and ordain Arinbjorn. His energy and wisdom is endless and I thank the gods he chose to share it this year with us all.

I thank all who attended and spent the money on gas and food and everything else to spend the weekend with us. It is you who make my stress over the whole process of planning and organizing disappear. In the long run nothing runs smoothly or on the time like I plan but it all comes together beautifully in the end! Yes, Hyndla, I am learning to let go of the expectation of the perfect plan!!

I want to thank Bo and Sara for coming regardless of the trials they had to endure. Rylee, it was good to meet another beautiful young lady. Harekr and family, thank you for dinner and Monday’s breakfast. Dustin and Nate, thank you for all of your hard work. Asrekyr and Hyndla for ALL you do every day for the Odinic Rite and for traveling back to Idaho to attend.

I look forward to next year and hope our numbers can be larger so WE can be the beacon of the New Awakening!

Thorbera OR