Baldr the Bright One, the Beautiful, was the most beloved of the Gods. He represents light and all that is good, pure and innocent. He is a God of Summer. The Summer Solstice, the day of the year with the longest time of day light, is sacred to Baldr.

Baldr’s hall is called Breidablik (Broad Gleaming). It is said to have a gold roof that is supported by silver pillars. It is also said that no untruths, only that which is pure, can enter into his hall. Sacred wells spring from the ground where his horse stomps its hooves. His ship Hringhorn (Curved Prow) is the largest and grandest ship of all.

Baldr had prophetic dreams of his own death. As a result of Loki’s trickery, Baldr’s blind brother Hod killed him. Baldr represents light and Hod, being blind, represents darkness. By the hand of Loki, representing illusion and trickery, Hod (darkness) overcomes Baldr (light). Nanna, Baldr’s wife, was so grief stricken that she, too, died. His death was mourned by all the Gods and Goddesses, less Loki. His death is the first in a series of events that lead to the onset of Ragnarok (Twilight of the Gods). Hringhorn serves as Baldr’s funeral pyre.

Artwork: “Balder” by Fredrik Sanders

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