A Different Kind of Wrapping!


Sometimes the best part of a gift is the wrapping!  One of our commenters offered up some great ideas, and we thought it would be great to share a little “how to” so folks can recreate these fun wrapping ideas this year.  Thank you “Frau Williams” for offering these great ideas and sharing them with our Folk!


Potato Stampers:


Russet Potatoes

Knife (make sure Mom and Dad help out!)

Chopping board


Paper plates or pie tins

Paper bags or tissue paper for wrapping


1. Wash and dry the potatoes.

2. Option 1: Cut potato in half and carve out (raised) shape.

Option 2: Cut out an inch slice of potato and make the

shape out of the entire piece.

3. Pour paint colors on paper plate (pie tin)

4. Stamp paper as desired.

5. Make sure completely dry before wrapping present.


 Yarn Balls


Yarn and 5-6 small gifts (runes and charms would be great)


Start with largest item, and wrap yarn in all directions until nearly covered. Add another item, and continue to wrap, then add another trinket, repeat until all items are included.  Tie a tag on it with something like:

“This is a gift ball, unwind and see what falls out.”



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