I have just returned from a most enjoyable day with members of our hearth, Frey’s Beacon Hearth, who met this time in the role of Guardians. I drove to a pub in the locality to meet up with a lovely young lady called Claire, whom I had been in touch with via Odinist.net. She has a boyfriend who is incarcerated in Texas.

Shortly afterwards we met up with Alan (Swifty), Sean, Aidan and Neil AOR. We then drove to another parking place, where we dismounted and set off with our Hi-vis vests on, emblazoned with the OR logo and litter picking devices.  We traversed a man made lake, which has a busy dirt track around it.

It was a gorgeous Autumn day, the forest taking on a riot of colour, scarlet and deep reds and bronze, copper and yellow foliage. This part of the Forest attracts a whole manner of outdoor pursuit enthusiasts and we saw lots of runners and cyclists. Also lots of dog walkers. I have mentioned this before, but it is a bugbear of mine, in that people actually bother to pick up their dogs poop, put it in a plastic bag (just who trains who? lol) and then discard it into the bushes?

We managed to half fill 4 bin-liners.

There was a good response from the general public, a few  who gave us their litter. We were also stopped by the Forestry Commission wardens, who were very impressed with what we were doing, I explained about the OR and why we were litter picking. They took my number and said they would ring me as they needed volunteers to help clean and maintain the forest . They seemed very impressed.
From there we made our way to the blot site and honoured our holy Mother Jorth, the high ones and our absent comrades. Aidan lit the fire and Claire and Sean read some passages really well from the Book of Blotar. All in all a fine day.

It is always good to get out and blot and do something positive with my hearth brothers and sisters. And it was nice to meet Claire, her company was delightful. Thanks everyone for making today a great day! FFF/HTR!

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