Radical Detoxification – Reclaiming the Wild Soul

By Eowyn OR
First published in ORB 210, Autumn 2258

There is an ancient woman who lives in a place that everyone knows in their souls but few have ever seen. She is circumspect, often hairy, always fat and especially wishes to evade company. She crows and cackles, generally making more animal than human sounds. I might say she lives everywhere and nowhere- in the mountains, buried in a grave; maybe she will be seen walking to market or sitting by a well. Bone Woman is known by many names but always her purpose is to collect bones and especially that which is in danger of being lost to the world. Her cave is filled with the bones of all manner of creature- deer, snake, crow; but her speciality is wolf bones. She sifts the soils searching for wolf bones and when finally, she has an entire skeleton assembled into its beautiful white sculptured shape, she sits by the fire and thinks of what song she will sing. And when she is sure, she stands over the creature, raises her arms and sings over it… Berkana… and the skeleton begins to flesh out and fur appears… Sowelo… and more of the creature appears: its tail curls upward, shaggy and strong and it begins to breathe… Wunjo… and the wolf’s eyes open and it leaps up and runs off into the wilderness. But somewhere in its running, whether by trick of moonlight or glint of golden sunray, the wolf suddenly transforms into a laughing woman who runs free towards the horizon. So remember folks: if darkness is drawing nigh and you are a little lost and certainly tired, then you are lucky; for Bone Woman may appear and show you something of the soul.

Bone Woman is a revival story; older than time itself, her home is the deepest part of the soul-psyche where mind and instincts combine; she is the knucklebone on which the two worlds of rationality and mythos turn, the shapeshifting world of poetry, music, dance and story. It is the magical mythological realm where death and rebirth are one, the ageless taproot of all existence, the mystical source of archetypal image, god-hunger, sacred instinct and the mist beings- where shadows have substance and substance is sheer- where things are and are not. Jung called it the collective unconscious, the objective psyche and the psychoid unconscious- a place where biology and psychology meet and miracles, imaginations, inspirations, visitations and healings occur. Indeed, our very immune system seems to be rooted in this mysterious land of Mist Beings. It is the source of stuff for the smithying of our souls.

To our ancestors, nature was replete with evolving living beings. Each expressed a soul- a consciousness energy or “god” and inhabited a fitting shape- its giant. The link both uniting and separating a creature’s god-self and giant was known as its alf- or elf- which meant river or channel. The elf expressed its godlike qualities through the substantial form to the degree it was able by virtue of its evolutionary level. Thus, all beings were seen as a triad of the divine consciousness- Odin- Allfather (the immortal root of all being) animating the mortal giant or body, which dies and is ground in the mill; the elf linking the two was the actively evolving soul, channelling the divine influence into the material world and is itself evolving towards its haminja (guardian angel, kin of the Norns or individual god-self). The elf-soul partakes of both the influence of its divine nature (where it becomes progressively more harmonious until it unites bit by bit with its ennobling source of all being), whilst its material tendencies, weighted down by the heavy drag of matter (its giant), remain mortal. The extent of each influence is a synthesis of the weaving and working out of personal and collective wyrd and the age in which the soul finds itself.

In mythology, the instinctual aspects of ourselves- the bones- are often portrayed as being feminine in nature. This has nothing to do with what we consider as feminine or masculine behaviour; it is more a description of the form-giving principle of the feminine aspect of creation and alludes to the cohesive, empathic, agape principle of the feminine energies of nature (as opposed to the individualistic, agentic eros nature of what can loosely be described as more masculine energies). Ancient mythologies speak of consciousness (Orlog) seeking to know itself; so in some mysterious way, it became split into male and female components; then matter appeared, becoming a container for consciousness so that consciousness could reflect upon itself and know itself better. Of course, our mythology explains this well. Odin is the essence of divinity in all life-forms whilst Frigga is his counterpart, the universal, immaculate mother from whom all the energic causes of life (the gods and goddesses) emerge or descend- the archetypal mother and comfort of the hearth. She is the etheric energies, which connect all the galaxies of the universe and all lifeforms in Midgarth- the cohesive energy that holds the matter via which divinity can express itself through the great cycles and ages- the bearer of the pure, virgin light of inspiration, bright Berkana. Idun is the soul of the earth and guardian of the apples of immortality, which she serves to the gods at specific times; she is also the impelling emotional energies of the ambient world. In Midgarth, our personal soul and collective soul is integral to the soul of our Mother Jorth. What we do affects Her and vice versa.

Once we lived by Her cycles- both great and small- and they lived in us, calming us, dancing us, shaking us out of complacency and yet, reassuring us as we learned creaturally. They were part of our instinctual selves- our soul-skins- which enveloped us and the wild, natural world as one. Nature’s bounty nurtured our physical bodies with the best foods for optimal survival, chi enhancing foods springing from the substance of Mother Jorth. Each season yielded its bounty according to the characteristics of the season: energising tonics for springtime; luscious, sensual fruits in summer, strengthening, vitamin-packed tonics in autumn and grounding, sustaining root foods in winter. Herbs provided material for folk remedies and those with cunning and insight could forecast the type of maladies that would predominate each season by noting the locus, potency and quality of the local flora and their arrival relative to neighbouring plants. Nature was alive and the Lady of the Woods walked free.

Unfortunately, a descent in the great cycles brought with it the noxious desert creed, which heavily emphasises “The Fall” of man, thus creating a severe source of disablement within the collective psyche and hampering the evolution of our folk. The source is the Genesis biblical story: when Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, the vengeful Christian god cursed Eve into a life of subservience to Adam and pain in childbirth because she “disobeyed him,” choosing instead to accept the serpent’s wisdom that she should eat from the “forbidden” Tree of Knowledge. Thus, the erroneous paradigm of “the battle of the sexes” was born with its innate denigration of the feminine. Now, in most world mythologies, there is an understanding that there will be a great descent of consciousness into matter. We have the myth of the Ragnarok. So why is it that this Christian myth has so deeply poisoned the folk soul? And why has it made the feminine principle- and through it in Midgarth- women, the scapegoat?

Inherent in life is the perpetual regenerative round of the feminine, which potentially brings initiation of the soul into ever higher states of consciousness. In mythology, it is often a force personified as something which badgers and heals. It may even appear destructive- that is, destructive to the machinations of the small ego. But when viewed through the eyes of the soul, it is a constructive, productive force because it is like an alter-soul, clearing the way for future growth into a more evolved state, magnetising and harassing the individual into a descent that ideally brings reunion with its deepest resources; thus it is strengthening and ennobling. Such are the mysterious Naradas of eastern philosophy. One example is Skadi, whose name means “injury.” She holds the venomous snake over Loki’s face to aggravate his suffering. If read through the myopic eyes of the small ego, which identifies with illusion (i.e. Loki), she is a destructive force indeed; but when seen through soulful eyes, it becomes clear that she is offering the lessons that suffering and over-identification with the small ego bring, thus clearing the way for the higher Self to lead the way into a new light- just as spring and new growth follows from the “death” of winter. However, understanding of this dual nature within the soul has been suppressed by Christianity, dissecting it from its life-giving aspect and replacing it with a devil figure, whose action is wholly anti-nature; it’s sole mission is to totally annihilate the evolving soul. Its devices are denigration of the protagonist’s purpose, disparaging language, blind judgments, proscriptions, and unwarranted punishment; this predator transmutes life-giving messages between soul and spirit into death-dealing ones that dissect the heart, foster shame and guilt, thereby inhibiting rightful action.

Culturally, the most obvious example of the loss of natural perception has been through the denigration of the female menstrual cycle and particularly the heightened gifts of sensation, emotion and sexuality, which accompany the natural monthly descent of the period. The individuals and culture simultaneously picked up the devil’s twisted messages and passed them down the generations; hence, what should be a gift is imbued by an aura of shame and punishment, forcing countless women to suffer in silence and isolation. Consequently, the multifaceted expressions of the divine energies as epitomised by our goddesses are barely recognised, let alone appreciated for their relevance to our personal and transpersonal selves, so stuck are we in the image of the dichotomised woman. And through this bedevilling psychic aggravation over the feminine in nature, the soul is snared: what were originally messages conveying love and celebration become- via the agency of this predator- ones of disgust, hopelessness and illusion of separation. The feminine becomes evil, we become alienated from the regenerative round of the sacred feminine and death is no longer a path to greater life, but annihilation. Thus, the individual, culture and the whole of Nature suffer.

In a society driven by more predator than wild soul, social, economic, emotional and religious structures of culture distort the most soulful resources of spirit and the outer world. Natural cycles become starved into unnatural shapes, lacerated by unskilful use or completely killed off whilst the visionary and instinctual is made dangerous and destructive; yet, painful means and methods are rationalised as superior. The last seven generations has seen the only period in recorded human history of constant, unchecked technological growth and wanton consumerism. Our entire sense of self-esteem has been culturally honed around how much we can consume. Concurrently, there has been a massive increase in efficiency:”efficiency” translates as the ability to consume more with less effort. The pathology of the human condition- that consumerism is king- means we have become increasingly efficient consumers whilst a corresponding rise in ecological devastation wrecks Mother Jorth. The outer crisis mirrors the pathology of our bedevilled internal psyche, mesmerised by illusion. The godsgiven wisdom and instinct of countless generations of our ancestors has been conveniently gagged in just seven- that wisdom which knew the wild heart and embraced the feminine aspects of the psyche. The degradation of the feminine aspects of the psyche, of women and of Mother Jorth all run parallel and are integral to one another.

Virtually everything about modern life effectively removes us further from our immortal god-self and nearer to the mortal material world, bringing with it the the global psychosis, environmental destruction and toxic health states we see so much of today; for we are alienated from the natural vortex of feminine soul-stuff that is an eternal repository of multiversal regenerative energy. We live in the great age of the Kali Yuga where Natural Law has been inverted: the age-old mythical thirst for the gold of enlightenment has been literalised and transmuted into the lust for material wealth at the expense of our souls’ evolution; and the soul of the world suffers. The physical agents of this force in Midgarth are a faceless Illuminati, deluded by the concerns of the small ego and lust for absolute power; they dominate the world’s governing powers, manipulating the apparent world like a marionette and caring nothing for the preservation of nature and human evolution. Destructive petrochemical, pharmaceutical, agri-chemical and nuclear industries dominate, raping and poisoning Mother Jorth and countless species become extinct. Daily- and in plain sight- the globe is doused with toxic chemtrails: so separated from Nature are these monsters, that by 2025, they seek absolute control of the global weather systems via the HAARP network and chemtrailing; and with it, the sickness and behaviour demographics of the population. Chemtrails create cleavages in spatial perception by blocking the interaction of various amino acids relating to higher consciousness and the increase of dopamine into the brain, thereby producing a listless, euphoric state of lower, reactive mind and damaging our immune systems. Centuries of calculated poisoning kills us slowly through our food, water and psyche, thereby suffocating the folk soul. What are we to do? Shall we sit there passively waiting like the biblical sheep for the proclaimed saviour to rescue us, blind to the fact that the herald sports horns, a pointed tail and a pitchfork? Or do we gather ourselves up and summon the vortex of constructive, righteous anger and revolutionary zeal?

How dare they mess with our souls?
How dare they?

We must mount a proactive response of radical detoxification. There is an indivisible two-way flux between the physical body and our soul stuff. A sick, toxic body cannot nurture healthy spiritual evolution because it pulls the resonance of the physical into a lower orbital frequency; the perpetrators use physical toxins as a component of their plan for total domination in Midgarth: chemtrails alone work well. The poisons in our food, water and air supplies become trapped in our bodies, a timebomb for cancer, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, Alzheimer’s disease and all the maladies of the modern age. Thus we need to physically and psychically detox, reclaim our bones of ancestral knowing and sing them back into life again. We do this by physically detoxing our bodies, nourishing them with the correct foods, drinking pure, clean water and attending to our personal and collective mythology.

No matter how healthy we think we are, everyone- without exception- needs to detox. Do you want to let the global muppets work you like a marionette because the barium and aluminium in chemtrails alone makes you electrosensitive? Put simply, the road to vitality for all must begin with intestinal cleansing and detoxification. Now there are numerous types of fast and methods of detoxification but within the larger picture, all are about enhancing every vital function: digestion, nutrient transfer, waste processing, metabolic functions, toxin drainage, and boosting your immune system. This in turn raises our vibration, increases our chi and sharpens our perceptions, thus aiding our resonance with higher awareness states, that we might cut through illusion. There is a critical order to detoxing: firstly, the colon must be cleansed via an effective programme of colonics, aids to effective defecation and infrared saunas to further remove toxins. This is accompanied by a metal detox to chelate heavy metals and supplements to fill the receptor sites in the body so that any freely circulating metals do not inadvertently become reabsorbed. The kidneys and gallbladder are then cleansed and finally, the third and vital stage detoxes the liver: most of the disease we witness today is a consequence of an overburdened liver. It is interesting to note that in Ayurveda, the liver is regarded as a major repository of the lower emotional states such as destructive anger and frustration whilst the kidneys are the seat of fear and anxiety.

Exceptional nutrition is the next key to vitality. Now, perhaps we all think we know what a truly healthy diet is: information abounds telling us how to eat and in what proportions, even if we don’t follow the guidelines ourselves. The Diet Dictocrats- (a conglomerate of doctors, researchers, governmental and quasi-governmental spokesmen for organisations, alleged philanthropists, prestigious faculty members etc.)- have set the guidelines: a food pyramid where grains, fruits and vegetables form our dietary foundation with only small quantities of proteins e.g. meat, legumes, fowl, fish, nuts and strict limitations on fats and sweets. Yes, there are some good points: fruits and vegetables are vital for cancer prevention. Yet, many people do poorly on grains. Further, the guidelines make no distinction between wholegrains and refined carbohydrates, between organically grown foods and those grown with pesticides, between unprocessed dairy products from pasture-fed cows and those pasteurised products from confined animals fed processed foods, between fresh and rancid fats, between traditional and GM or irradiated vegetables, between free-range meats and that from animals raised in crowded pens, between traditional wholefoods and those new-fangled products dominating the market place. What the diet dictocrats do not tell you is this:

Your body needs old fashioned animal fats;

New fangled polyunsaturated oils can be bad for you;

Modern whole-grain products can cause health problems;

Traditional sauces promote digestion and assimilation;

Modern food processing denatures our foods but ancient preservation methods actually increase nutrients in fruits, nuts, vegetables and milk products.
This is politically correct nutrition. It singles out foods grown by independent producers but spares the vegetable oil, grain and food processing cartels; it sacrifices old fashioned butter but keeps pasteurised milk and cheese products; it barely mentions the danger of sugar, therefore sparing the soft drinks industry and nothing is mentioned of the ever-increasing trend towards devitalised and processed foods. Our ancestors knew that lacto-fermented products such as true sauerkraut (not the denatured version found in supermarkets) provided vitamins and enzymes for effective digestion and actually increased the nutritional content of the vegetables; meanwhile, bone stocks provided essential vitamins and minerals for the effective construction of bones, ligaments and cartilage in the body whilst their gelatin soothed and healed the intestinal lining. Liver contains an anti-fatigue factor and its nutrients balance out those of the meat: by utilising all parts of a healthy animal, our nutrition is complete- balanced and of exceptional quality. Yet try finding a recipe for real traditional gravy- one without the ubiquitous, additive laden stock cube! Did you know lacto-fermented beverages made from fruits, herbs, saps and grains were regularly drunk to aid stamina, digestion and replace lost minerals? They are a proven antidote to alcoholic cravings, the latter being a symptom of the body’s need for the vitamins, minerals and enzymes found in bone broths, lacto-fermented beverages etc. Quite possibly, alcoholic cravings are an ancient collective memory of their centuries of use by our ancestors.
Without water, we would die. As Nature’s sensationally reflective medium, thoughts, words, music and prayer all affect its “memory:” if positive, water shows beautifully formed geometric designs in its crystalline pattern; its angstrom energy rises and thus, it contains more “light” energy, which has been found to be a component of water from holy wells. If negative, polluted or treated, it forms distorted, random, crystalline structures. This is because everything- including thoughts- is energy, which creates resonance; and water records it.
The motion of water is crucial: it needs vortex motion- Nature’s transformer and accumulator- to remove toxic imprints and restore its lifeforce. Etheric energy moves in vortices, and physical matter (materialised etheric energy) seeks the same low resistance motion.This is called implosion- a suctional, centripetal, frictionless, spiraling, creative, cooling motion that moves matter inwards creating order; implosion is fundamental to the flow of blood, sap, air, natural water courses, tides and cosmic cycles. Conversely, humanity’s prevailing technologies use the explosive, centrifugal, outward bound, straight-line motions of heating, burning, pushing and radiating: we channel air, water and fuels into the type of motion Nature uses to decompose matter. Viktor Scauberger (1885-1958), an Austrian forest warden, observed that water is a living, rhythmic substance which, when left alone in wild meandering rivers and cooled by overhanging vegetation, has its own homeostatic mechanism, is disease free and life-giving; conversely, incorrectly handled water (from dams, confined canals and where deforestation has occurred) is dying water which harms animals, plants and fish. Tampering with the hydrological cycle (Nature’s circulatory system) reaps droughts, floods and extreme weather conditions. Water heals or harms, depending upon its treatment. Our very heart muscle and rhythm are vortex-based. Could the widespread incidence of heart disease in part, be a consequence of our alienation from life’s basic rhythms and forgotten understanding of etheric energy? Etheric formative forces imbue all life-forms and literally, matter hangs on its streams; without it, we would be rigid and die. The etheric body confronts the physical laws of gravity meeting weight with lightness or upthrust, pressure with suction, thus bearing the universal forces of the cosmos as the counterpart of earth’s centric forces. Could the ancient symbol of the snake be one way in which the vital knowledge of vortex energy and its regenerative properties is preserved within the folk consciousness- and being actively suppressed via Christianity’s disdain for the creature?

Story and myth is the soul’s medicine. Merely hearing it allows us to experience the hero’s trials and tribulations as our own. Story invokes the mind’s ability to briefly step away from the ego and to merge with an alternative reality- another way of comprehending the world. It leads us right into Bone Woman’s territory, offering lessons on how the soul can use its elven power to reunite with its divine source: we are all a tree of life in our own right so story is the seed and we are its soil. Sharing our life stories with loved ones feeds and nurtures the soul of the relationships, whilst simultaneously offering crucial insights into the current machinations of the predator within the collective psyche; for its ability to harm morphs in tandem with the folk’s evolution through time and we must needs track its footprints in our souls via our shared experiences lest its lies capture us all, forcing us into an irrevocable decline. It is vital committed couples share their personal stories of triumphs, pains and regrets to date; in fact, absolutely no topic should be taboo because personal stories deepen, evolve and substantiate the soul of the relationship. Conversely, without these acknowledged truths- this nourishing lifeblood- its soul sickens and withers into a dehydrated imprisoned husk steeped in the lie of omission; for withholding such intimacy maintains a calculated, static, shallow illusion of each individual that walls one soul from the other and aborts deepening; but omission never hides the energy and usually, one of the souls feels the lie as the predator it is and withdraws from the relationship. Thus, one by one, the murderous predator drains lifeforce from the folk soul.
The divine feminine is that cosmic force, which holds atoms, molecules, thoughts etc together, the binding force of the material and metaphysical, the nurturer of dreams and visions, the binding force of the global ecosystem and of community. It is cosmic love, form-giving, nurturing and unconditional; for contrary to the way it is portrayed in mythos, it does not seek annihilation. It is fecundity, the soil in which fertility occurs, for fertility and fecundity are different. It is the taproot of existence. Within its round, the threefold actions of creation, preservation, and destruction are contained and nurtured- the three faces of the moon and the fylfot of the seasons- spring, summer, autumn, winter; of life- birth, growth, decline, death and of action- cleansing, growing, reaping, resting. However, none of these stand alone: they are always relative to one another. In every season, the three others reside; it is simply that the apparent proportions vary: spring is most apparent when the year is young for example. Further, the great cycles of time reflect their depth aswell as circumference- the Golden Age of the eternal now and high summer, the Wolf Age of predominating destruction and the dreaded wintry isolation of death. But behind the masks of the feminine regenerative cycle lays the infinite heart, the Buddhic wisdom. And through Bone Woman who sings life into every molecule until it becomes a vibrant, burgeoning lifeform, our threads of wyrd spin out from the infinite Buddhic heart and our wyrd is woven and worked on the loom of the eternal, a thread added here, another woven in there, yet another cut now that particular pattern, colour or texture within the whole is complete. Though we may feel as threadbare as a wraith, we never die, for our regenerative capacity is infinite.

The word “reclamation” raises images of rescuing our lands from industrial devastation; but the word actually derives from old French- “reclaimer,” meaning “to call back the hawk which has been let fly.” In reclaiming the wild soul through radical detoxification, we are using the voices of our minds, our lives and our souls- of the Freya principle, the intelligence that infills the solar system- to call back intuition, imagination, robust health and Nature- to sing over the shards of our heritage and reclaim wholeness. So call on the Lady of the Wildwoods and hearken to her reply; for she awaits your remembrance of her.

Hael the High Ones
Hael the Rite
Hael the Revolution
Sig Sig Sig

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    People in Northern Europe did eat grain. Vikings ate porridge, sometimes with some added meat. Irish lived on lots of oatmeal, until the potatoe arrived. Other grains were used, too.

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