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Occluding the light; feeding the parasite

By Eowyn OR

Midgarth is in a state of emergency- a global Ragnarok. Wider culture may take far longer than Odinists to peel the scales from their eyes and witness the harvest of devastation- a crisis arising from adherence to the life-denying paradigms of the desert creeds and its bastard offspring, the culture of materialism. The populace may not have truly made the connection as to the real source of the wake, but even they are now acknowledging the disaster that surrounds us; some are even genuinely trying to address the issue in a heartfelt desire to find a solution. And for all, it is virtually impossible to open a newspaper, watch the news or surf the net without being screamed at about the need to “go green:” recycle, save the salmon, the owl or any other of the horrendously long list of species nearing extinction; the need to eat organic, use biodegradable products, reduce your carbon emissions. “Reduce your carbon footprint” is the sacred mantra belted out to Joe Bloggs from the media machine. Then simultaneously, billions are spent on new housing followed by the road developments to accommodate the resultant exponential increase in traffic and both of which obliterate rich arable land and crucial wildlife habitats. Price rises on fuel and congestion that brings a Seattle traffic scenario ever closer to your own back yard sees the emergence of discussions that weave webs through the newspapers on everything from road rage to renewable fuel. Only a tiny minority are perceptive enough to see that on these scores, a simple reshuffling of financial allocation could give a very cost-effective boost to good public transport systems and a return of rail travel; naturally the rail lines that have deliberately been built over to minimise the possibility would have to be resurrected! And of course, deployment of renewable energy sources- that have long existed- should be a priority this late in the game. Yet, in British Columbia alone, ten times more money is being allocated to oil and gas concerns as opposed to renewable energy sources. Then what of greenhouse emissions from industry? New intensity-based greenhouse gas targets have become the latest platform of grinning politicians claiming to put sustainability and the environment first. But what does they mean in real terms? Greenhouse gas intensity refers to the amount of emissions produced per unit of economic activity; when tied to economic growth, emissions can continue to rise, providing they decrease relative to economic expansion. Take Canada as an example; between 1990-2004, Canadian industries reduced their greenhouse emissions by 6%; this sounds good until we see that during this period, the economy grew so much, that Canadian industrial emissions actually increased by 13%. So much for making a real impact to avert global warming: placate the masses and as ever, pander to multinational concerns. And what about all the gadgets which become obsolete within six months? Where do they end up? Yes, in landfill sites that cntribute to the pollution and mechanisms by which the phenomenon called “global warming” is perpetuated. So much for the wonderful idea of sustainability: green politics is “business as usual.”

Essentially, when you look at all the solutions offered towards the problem of “global warming,” they have one thing in common: the precept that industrial capitalism and not the natural physical world are the baseline for our existence. It is natural for human beings to defend to the last what they consider to be their source for life: a tribe living off the land will fight to death to protect the river from which they drink and the animals on which they rely for food: their baseline for existence is the land. Alternatively, when your water comes from a tap and your meat is neatly wrapped in clingfilm and bought from the supermarket, you will defend the system which makes your life possible through these means: your baseline for survival is a technological civilisation. Thus, we have a crisis of perception. Our sense of reality is created by the things we see, hear, feel, touch, taste and smell in daily life. Where once we gleaned this information from the communities in which we lived and from the land from which we harvested our food, now our perceptions are created for us in the isolation of technological gadgets and the clever mind control techniques employed by the media on which we depend for our information about the “real” world. Derrick Jensen eloquently describes this system as being akin to an abuser where, like a clever abuser, it has made us dependant upon it: “…one of the things that happens within any abusive dynamic, and that’s true whether we’re talking about an abusive family or an abusive culture, is that everything- and I mean everything- in this dynamic is set up to protect the abuser. And so every member of an abusive family comes to identify more closely with the abuser’s feelings than they do their own.”(1) Thus, as he rightly says, what is actually happening in the whole “global warming” dynamic is a culture that wants to know what can be done about the declining numbers of salmon (who need the dams to be removed so they can travel their routes to spawn) or the survival of owls (who need the habitat humans are logging), given that the dams aren’t going to be removed and logging won’t be halted. This crisis of perception has bound folk with false hope to an abusive system. When false hope xists, it maintains our dependance on something- a relationship, a system- which we hope is going to change; so we hope the person or Monsanto or Macdonalds is going to change. This is how politics works: people believe a change in their local democrat will make life better for them; so they forget that the party has betrayed them before; they don’t think to look at the structure in which the democrat is but an arm or facet and see that it is the same as ever, so nothing is going to change except the mirage the media chooses to play that day or week or month or year. They are literally addicted to their comfortable illusion because if they seriously asked themselves whether they truly believed society will voluntarily change their ways so the global warming issue is addressed, the majority don’t believe this will happen. Hence, they don’t actually consider whether the strategies proposed by those in power will work because they don’t talk about it but instead, prefer to pretend they have hope. And allied with strategies to silence potential dissenters, the abusive system remains intact and is perpetuated, whilst our ability to protect Mother Jorth is distorted into inaction and support of the system. This is true parasitic behaviour: keep the host alive and able to feed the parasitic entity but don’t allow it to challenge the environmental mileau which the parasite creates around itself to survive. Create the parasite’s paradise by challenging the host just enough to divert all its survival resources to keeping itself able to function in whatever environment it finds itself- but don’t allow any extra energy to impact the environment to its advantage beyond that which benefits the parasite.

Thus we can now see that the upshot is there is no true substance to the strategies presented to halt “global warming.” In fact, they are designed, in essence, as a red herring that averts our eyes from the real issues at stake: the perpetuation of the parasite. Just like the soap operas we call news, it is a charade that helps formulate the illusion we believe is reality and keeps our behaviour corralled into innocuous directions. And like every successful abuser, we are being made to think it is entirely our fault- that we are the ones who somehow created this giant carbon footprint, which now threatens to destroy the physical environment. Now, most folk will argue that we can’t deny the evidence of our sense: devastating planetary change is indeed happening on an unprecedented scale; flora and fauna alike are dying; soils are being depleted; deserts are expanding; sea levels are rising whilst ice caps are melting; coral reefs are bleached skeletons of their former glory and radiation levels have risen phenomenally. They are of course correct and these manifestations must be effectively addressed before it is too late. But look at the bigger picture and think outside the boxes: what is the principle that pervades all these issues and which is manipulating these outcomes because they all depend upon it? What is the common ground of conversation that so many folk tend naturally to gravitate towards when standing next to strangers at bus stops or when exchanging pleasantries? What is the basic pattern on which all life depends? Why of course, the weather and its seasonal cycles. And what has changed drastically in a minuscule space of time when measured on the grand scale of cycles in time- enough even for middle-aged adults to have recognised in their own lifetimes? Yes, the weather: the seasons have become chaotic in a way that is creating the mass extinction of species. Of course on the grand scale, this is nothing new: there have been many major catastrophes and global crises as evidenced in fossil records and archaeology; it may even be that the natural cycles always bring a physical change that is a Ragnarok to sentient beings: our mythology and that of other folk is replete with such references that transcend millennia and show it as integral to these great cycles of time. But one thing we can be sure about in nature is that fundamentally, its drive is towards adaptation and survival: a living creature’s body will always be working for its success. In the greater cycles, we may indeed be heading for a Ragnarok on the physical plane as evidenced by the changes we witness; but they are being accelerated in an unnaturally chaotic way, which sees the premature extinction of species. Simultaneously, we are witnessing a rapid decline in the health of both animals and the global human population with hosts of “mysterious” diseases surfacing in recent decades: ME, CFS, auto-immune problems, ADD, AIDs, cancers (and people who have never smoked dying of lung cancer), respiratory failure, heart disease;the list is endless. And the cause? Just look upwards; the evidence is right before us in the source for our weather- the skies. Daily- and on a global level- our skies are being criss-crossed by polluting chemtrails – deliberately laid tracks containing a host of noxious substances, which spread to create thin veils of chemsmog and obliterating previously blue skies. These are not to be confused with normal plane contrails, which dissipate comparatively quickly without fallout.With it, our health is being severely compromised and our weather grossly manipulated in a bid to enslave and manipulate the global population and its economy.

The notion of weather control may sound like insane science fiction; but any person anywhere can find companies on the net advertising their weather modification and cloud-seeding services. Check out North American Weather Consultants, Inc(2) or “Weather Modification Inc”(3). Read The American Society of Civil Engineering’s documents such as “Guidelines For Cloud Seeding to augment precipitation”(4). Weather control is a reality and indeed, children may know more about chemtrails than most adults: in the Level 1 science book, “Essential Interactions” (Centre Point Learning, Inc), a photo of a jet is titled “Particle Air” and asks: “Could we deliberately add particles to the atmosphere? Jet engines running on richer fuel would add particles to the atmosphere to create a sunscreen” (in the section entitled “Solutions for Global Warming)”. The textbook also shows a helicopter dumping iron into the ocean to stimulate growth of carbon-dioxide eating phytoplankton, which we know is also already being done(5). Ironically, children are taught this in schools whilst adults are in denial and being told that no such concept or practice exists! Then to those in the know, the materials used are pronounced harmless: silver iodide, dry ice and compressed liquid propane or carbon dioxide, hygroscopic (water attracting) materials such as salt, urea and ammonium nitrate; indeed, the companies themselves doubtless believe they’re doing no harm. So for the moment, we will overlook the environmental impact of the number of deluded water agencies, municipalities, operators of hydroelectric power facilities, agricultural, ranching interests, airports, recreational interests (e.g ski areas) and sponsors incorporating cloud seeding as an integral part of their ongoing water resource management strategies- the majority of whom will be oblivious to the greater agenda. (In the US alone (July 2006), there were 53 reported weather modification projects in 200 with a combined cost of $53 million). We will ignore the fact that the typical concentration of silver in rainwater or snow from seeded cloud systems is less than 0.1 micrograms per litre- below the U.S. Public Health Services stated acceptable concentration of 50 micrograms per litre- but that these standards ignore the cumulative and reactive effects of chemicals within our environment and bodies. No doubt these groups using weather modification technologies believe they are helping the locality combat the effects of “global warming.” Yet, as out of order and potentially devastating as these weather modification services are, what we actually need to focus upon is those much more massive but covert chemtrail spray operations whose existence is being actively denied, even when planes are flying real time. Resonance testing and other examinations conducted on samples from chemtrail fallout reveal deadly poisons- poisons including (but not limited to): barium, aluminium, blood cells, jet fuel, laboratory manufactured viral vectors, pathogens, mycoplasma and polymer fibres; the benign silver iodide of the weather modification programmes is curiously absent. When large scale operations of this kind are focused upon an area, hospitals have literally been forced to create temporary morgues for all those dying from failed respiratory function whilst being also being driven to their knees with the explosion of casualties manifesting severe flu-like symptoms within a single day. This is not the normal course of a disease process through a population: under natural circumstances, its effect spreads over time in a waveform. Meanwhile, the particular symptoms and blood samples have revealed very dubious results- results which directly link the disease manifestation and death toll with chemtrail fall-out samples and documented days of operation.

I have detailed some of the facts about chemtrails and the tandem HAARP operation elsewhere(6) so shall not elaborate further on their specific effects. The point here is that the combined effects of chemtrails and HAARP are the sensors of the parasitic system, which enslaves us by constantly working to occlude both the physical and spiritual light from our beings. And where, we might ask, is the actual parasite hiding? Why physically it is the deluded faceless abusers- the global elite- tweaking the strings of our existence and manipulating us like obedient marionettes through the power sources on which they make us depend- controlling the power sources themselves and manipulating the weather, environments and our health to maintain their domination. It resides in the isolating poisons from the chemtrail fallout that course through our bodies and undermine our connection with the natural world. It is also in the illusions of false hope we weave around ourselves- the ones that show we are asleep at the button as we pursue our narcotised daily existences and do nothing in the belief things will “just change” whilst not knowing how to be a part of that change because we have been tricked by the abusers into making our baseline for existence civilisation and technology as we know it, instead of Mother Jorth. Through its various agencies, the global elite’s parasitic system is flattening and thus destroying the template of the sacred cyclical- the regenerative rhythm of life inherent in the seasonal cycles with which we resonate and which pervades the microscopic to the macroscopic level; our body-minds are usually entrained by them but in their destruction, the global elite is entraining us to its own needs, compromising the environment and us to prevent challenge instead of adapting itself to the greater circumstances- a horrific reversal of the natural order of life. Truly, this is parasitic behaviour on a transglobal scale.

We must not allow ourselves to be hypnotised by the propaganda about “global warming” which places the blame squarely on the victims- us- for the mess. Certainly, humanity at large has some responsibility and so we must continue to do all we can to minimise our personal and collective impact: such things as recycling waste, using toxin-free and biodegradable products, purchasing organic food, running clean-up events, minimising petrochemical consumption, educating others on health and environmental issues, partaking of campaigns etc. This is all absolutely crucial work- the living worship of Mother Jorth. But we must also wake up to the machinations of the global elite and look upwards to the skies; for it is no longer just the beautiful Frigga that spins our clouds but an ugly usurper who is so caught up in their own illusion, that they haughtily weave a web of destruction around Mother Jorth and us- and before our very eyes- certain we are too stupid to be aware of their deadly game. And meanwhile, untilwe truly awake and act with godsgiven force; until we sincerely accept Mother Jorth’s gifts and the resonance of the sacred cyclical (at every level) as our baseline for existence- instead of industrial capitalism; until the day we sink its boat, we fail to avenge the wrongs done to our ancestors by the perpetrators and to protect the folk of the present and future. Instead, we choose to feed and nourish the self-same bloated parasite that through the centuries has- and continues to- poison and leech the folk soul and so grow in our wake.



What will you do…?


If you choose life instead of feeding the bloated parasite, read on…


*Watch the following videos:

Aerosol Attack

More Chemtrail Videos

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*Act on some of the ideas presented here:


*Print and distribute the following leaflet on HAARP and chemtrails (otherwise available directly from Eowyn OR)

Footnotes 1. “Mayday for the planet” “Common Ground” Issue 190

1 reply
  1. Doug says:

    As you have shared something with me, I would like to share something with you. In your presentation about global warming you have some very valid points, but there will be no real solution.
    Modern western society has created many layers of protection which defend the exploitation of people, places, animals, energies, or anything else the greedy corporations can use to make profit. Here in Colorado, U.S.A. we even have laws that punish the honest, and reward the most deceitful, proof that the way of the honorable warrior was replaced by the way of the greedy merchant.
    As much as it pains me to say it, I am starting to think that perhaps as a species we are not worthy of continued survival. If left to our own, we will certainly destroy everything since we can not leave well enough alone, and accept that some things don’t need to be improved, altered, or made better, they are just fine the way they are.
    I can not influence the appointment of my leaders here in America, for the built in deceptions of the American Legal system do not allow the common people to actually elect anyone. This layering of legalities has a system that will not only defeat any threat to the never ending greed of Corporate America, but it can even punish those who seek to change things.
    Power is not shared, it is hoarded and wielded as a weapon. And in America, the only power that holds any respect is money.

    I am ashamed to admit it, but I am an American. I am dissatisfied with the atheistic corporate greed, the Christian doctrine of continued suffering, and I would like to learn more about the worship of Thor and Odin.

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