by Sigbert OR

After being inspired by this years OR Great Moot and also by the sterling work carried out by The Guardians of The White Horse Stone (GOWHS), we the good Folk of Frey’s Beacon decided that we would become more pro-active in the coming cycle.

Ritual is of course paramount to us as Odinists, but to hold Blot just once a month was felt to be not enough to enable us to call ourselves “good” Odinists. One of the projects we discussed was to set up a Guardians group of our own which would oversee such activities as litter picking and fly-tipping removal from the area where we hold Blotar, which is the Forest of Bowland in Lancashire, Northwest England.

I registered the name “Freys Beacon Guardians” with a national organization called, after advice from Asrad CG. This is the very same org that The GOWHS is registered with themselves. I managed to talk a local parks and countryside Ranger into parting with 8 brand new litter picking devices and some high-viz vests. We decided to acquire some OR patches and put them on the vests, to promote the OR in a more overt way. We were delighted when Asrad kindly donated 10 patches to our cause. Hail and many thanks Asrad! I also managed to get a basic first aid box and a sharp object disposal container.

On the 29th of Fogmoon the hearth met up in the capacity of Guardians for the first time at Beacon Fell, an area that we all know and love and, sad as it seems, was in need of our work there , due other peoples insistence on leaving their rubbish lying around. Although freezing fog had limited the visibility in the lower lying valleys, the fell was clear and the views were stunning. We could see the top of Peddars Wood , which is our blot site across Grizedale Valley rising from the thick blanket of fog to stand majestically as if to beckon us back!

We did get some interest from other Folk who were enjoying the fell and some kind comments. The children of our Hearth really seemed to enjoy themselves and did a really great job. We filled two black bin liners with Rubbish and took various sharp objects of The Hill.

Though it is sad that people of our own Folk and others seem to think it is fine to litter this area of outstanding natural beauty, I took comfort in the fact that there are some such as my hearth brothers and sister who care enough to make a difference. Real Odinism in action by real Odinists. I am proud to be the Guardian of Freys Beacon and I hail all our members.

Hail Freys Beacon

Hail The Odinic Rite.

Sig Wunjo, Sig Wunjo, Sig Wunjo!

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