Holographic Ecology: Nemesis of the Loki-ites

By Eowyn OR

There is a great agenda which apparently threatens the very soul-path and evolution of our folk. All folk in the Rite are aware of this fact in some way. We see it in the wanton destruction of our heritage, our lands and our people. Deforestation, relentless road-building, immigration, pollution in our food and water supplies, media-disinformation: all are factors in the equation which I don’t need to elaborate upon. As folk try to pave the way for the rightful heritage of their children and children’s children, it seems they are beset by obstacles from every direction. So daunting is the fight to the majority, which they wilt into lives of apathy, depression, escapism, addiction of various types or simply become mindless consumers responding to the current bait set by the progenitors of a global market. For indeed, the great agenda is manipulated by a faceless Illuminati who control governments and countries like puppets on strings against the backdrop of an Orwellian stage. However, some folk – such as you people here today – have chosen to stand as proud Odinists and by hook or by crook, somehow manage to maintain a balance between the necessity to work in the wider society – based as it is on a nihilistic approach to life – and adhering to the natural ways of  our ancestors. It is often hard work, but the nobility of will is there to make it happen and this is the way of the Odinic Rite.

As if the immense rewards of a manipulated global economy weren’t enough, this greedy, power-hungry Illuminati have seen fit to mess with the very ground-staves of life and reality in Midgard. As we saw in ‘Loki’s Matrix of Illusion part 1,’ they are using ‘The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program’- known as HAARP- to literally mess with the earth’s very substance. HAARP is being made to pulse the mantle of geomagnetic flux lines with dissonant frequencies that are crucial to the sustenance of life. It can thus alter the ELF wave frequencies in any chosen area to effect change in the population’s behaviour and/or send selected viral vectors to induce specific epidemics in the population. HAARP also manipulates the ionosphere to effect global weather changes: Hurricane Katrina is just one example of several such ‘projects.’ It can be employed to perform the same functions as performed by detonation of a ‘Heave’ type nuclear device without actually having to detonate such a device and operates as a global communications manipulator by being able to simultaneously block transmissions, yet be used as a communication device by those knowledgeable of the invention. Coupled with other methodologies such as chemtrails, which are toxic and apparently have other dubious applications (to be discussed in another article), the plan as outlined in a white paper entitled ‘Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025’ is well under way; and he who controls the weather controls the world.

In the onslaught of such corrupt and delusional insanity, it is so easy for even the most courageous amongst us to feel a tad disheartened, if not downright fearful and hopeless. And isn’t that exactly what the Illuminati desire? For fear is a powerful progenitor of control- a common reaction based on self-preservation, the primal, automatic, instinctual response mechanism shared by all living creatures. Unfortunately, it tends to cause our imaginations to run wild and scatters thought and action; indeed, we can see it forms the basis of many of the Illuminati’s machinations. Then of course, all it takes is for them to corral the emotion into the direction they desire. We must realise that all our behaviour and feelings are emotionally charged and directed; indeed, mental imagery is so potent, that it is all-pervasive and can literally kill us. For the quantity of energy behind an emotion dictates the strength of feeling and action. Hence, we must change our response.  We can approach this by invoking Heimdal, our folk’s guardian and ‘the watcher within’ for guidance and courageously asking: What is the truth? What do we need to overcome this Ragnarok? And then listen.

Thought and hence action is triggered by something you feel; what you feel is based upon your beliefs. Hence, you can deduct what type of faith is behind the whole thought process. The truth is these Loki-ites are flouting Natural Law; for whilst emotions are a metronome based upon feeling that enlivens, motivates and enriches life, they alter depending upon perception and experience; thus, they merely soft-wire us – but so often they limit us. Yet, our experiences and sources of perception e.g. written words, overwhelmingly focus upon one level of emotion- the material, rational level of “I,” “my” and “me”- the physical and personal selves. Thus, emotions are tools of the ego- the vehicle that enables us to operate in the physical world- not our essential multi-dimensional self. So we can see the Illuminati are merely manipulating the surface- our mutable egos- through emotion. Indeed, they can’t touch the other aspects of ourselves; we just think they can!

Perhaps the most potent hold the Illuminati have on our emotions is to dissect us from our innate knowledge and understanding of death. Indeed, they have done a brilliant job of this over the last 2000 years through the agency of the noxious desert creeds and more recently, via their evil offspring- the western medical system. Thanks to the lie of the second law of thermodynamics – that life inevitably degrades towards chaos and the static state of equilibrium – we are persuaded that life is a linear process of separate events leading inexorably to the ‘doom of death’ the minute we are born; meanwhile, we are apparently beset by all types of biological viruses, bacteria etc ‘out to get us;’ hence we ‘need’ invasive protection – vaccinations and toxic drugs – to protect us; another lie. Thus, the tool of fear attempts to disconnect us from the eternal life/death/rebirth cycle – Nature’s fundamental regenerative principle.

Yet death is our constant ally without which there is no healing, no web woven; for if the shape cannot be cut from the cloth, the garment cannot be created. Of course, Odinists understand that we reincarnate and this is strength. But we must transmute that understanding into a powerful knowledge that transcends the cellular level; unfortunately, these machinations have infected the generational folk soul. Consider for one brief moment what your visceral response to yourself or a loved one being pronounced terminally ill might be- that is, the instantaneous felt response, not the logical reasoning part of yourself. Just as with our reaction to the holy swastika, folk often notice a negative, fear-based response has been planted and this can’t be helped. So we must work to make the change. The fear of death in the right context is a healthy response enabling physical survival; but when highlighted, it disables.

Consider the collective fear of cancer: apparently, cancer is a deadly disease, the terminus of a malfunctioning body – death incarnate. Now, what if we knew it as a natural survival programme that has been successfully practised for millennia of evolution? For truthfully, a diagnosed cancer is actually a tumour operating like a blister to prevent its contents invading the body; meanwhile inside, bacteria and other microbes repair the damage it protects. Further, the specialised nature of cells means that cancers per se do not metastasise throughout the body; it is systemic fungi which invade organs. In fact, every disease is the result of an unexpected emotional distress combined with any physical component.

It registers as a shockwave in the brain, psyche and corresponding organ simultaneously; the outcome depends upon the pre-existent physical and psychological immunity levels of the individual and their personal interpretation of the event. Hospitals set the stage for cancer to stay: a patient is checked under the stressful and alienating circumstances of the hospital and, coupled with confusing and fundamentally negative jargon, recovering patients frequently experience new fear-based shocks to the system in situ; thus, the healing process is delayed. There isn’t the scope to detail this research, which has been available since 1981. Check out German New Medicine and know the truth- and its suppression. For the orthodox treatment of cancer is big business.

Crucially, our physical/psycho/spiritual bodies are always working positively and dynamically for our survival; they are not ‘rusting parts’ of a ‘malfunctioning machine.’

Now, knowing that fear affects us so negatively and that we have been lied to, to sustain our fears, how do we build effective immunity against these machinations so that we might reclaim our rightful soul-path? Once again, we return to Natural Law as decreed by Orlog and remind ourselves that not only are we a part of nature, but actually a hologram of it. So luckily, we have something called ‘original nature,’ which cannot be extinguished, somewhat like the core memory of a computer that is patterned on nature. The universe  created by Orlog, the thought consciousness – manifests in physical reality through a geometric blueprint called sacred geometry. It repeats in cycles giving the illusion of linear time so we can experience emotions and learn to direct their energy towards a higher evolution. The term ‘sacred geometry’ is used by many to encompass the religious, philosophical, and spiritual beliefs that have sprung up around geometry in various cultures and covers Pythagorean geometry, neo-Platonic geometry, and the perceived relationships between organic and logarithmic curves.

It is an awesome realisation that some of the earth’s grid lines provide us with a simplified depiction of the ‘spindle fibres’ that form in cell mitosis; hence, the actual ring of energy created forms a precise analogue of the nuclear membrane of the cell as it continues its expanding, elliptical process of division. Repeating patterns in nature are called fractals: it is the effect observed when flying high over a mountainous region or shorelines in which basic shapes repeat themselves; yet each component has a unique shape. The snowflake (and also the shape of our Mother rune, hagalaz), is a fractal: each individual snowflake is a unique variation on the same hexagonal shape. Hence, as human beings, each of our categories is a unique variation on pre-ordained themes so that we are either an individual male or a female within a unique family as part of a select group called Odin’s holy nation within the human race, which is a particular life-form on Mother Jorth, an individual planet within one solar system, within a galaxy ad infinitum.

Hence, we are a microcosm of the universe, which is a holographic facet of the multiverse: as above, so below; as within, so without. Modern quantum and nuclear physicists are finally starting to see what the ancient Taoists and others have always recognised: these philosophers gained a deep understanding of universal cosmic forces by looking inwards to observe and feel the effects within their own organs and body systems. Meanwhile, western science alienated itself from the body and instead, looked outwards for answers; thus, it had to develop the right instruments to measure outer phenomena; hence, its deductions were only as good as the technology being employed. Of course, herein is an effective tool for control: hide the truth and allow only limited technologies into the public domain with which phenomena can be measured; after all, when alienated from the body,  who is going to think of looking inwards for the truth?

Matter consists of movement and this movement is energy. Hence, the continuum of conscious matter is a holographic ecology of subatomic particles, molecules, cells, systems, organisms, organism communities and the universe. Each movement particle of matter generates an energy field and is informed by that field. However, all are encased in a sea of energy known variously as the ethers, orgone, quantum sea of energy, zero point energy, scalar wave fields, chee, prana, bio-electric, and so forth. It is a fifth dimensional, non-linear field which exists out of relative time and space so that the waveform (which looks like an infinitely projected Mobius pattern on an axis) – does not decay over time or distance from the source as other types do; rather, the waves ‘fill’ a space. Ether is the sum total of all the energy in the cosmos – gravity, magnetism, electricity, solar energy, radio waves etc and is the driving force behind galactic, planetary and biological motion. Thus, planets and life are actually moved by etheric energy, like logs on a river: birds are flown; fish are swum. All biochemical processes rely on this dynamic, vibratory, baseline energy – a charge stored within our bodies like a primordial sea; but it dissipates throughout our lives, leading to degeneration and disease due to its misuse and under-replenishment – an erosion, which is accelerated by pollution, poor dietary habits, stress etc. Hence, as the vital force most imminent in Nature, it can be cultivated and enhanced through fresh food, herbs, fresh water, proper breathing of fresh air, exercise and healthy sexual and meditative practices.

Now, the ultimate masculine/feminine polar dynamic makes this etheric energy move and the motion always follows a vortex pattern, which offers the least resistance to the flow. Vortex motion is the spiralling, regenerative, centripetal, implosive, frictionless, cooling force of nature whose motion is seen in blood, sap, water, air currents and elsewhere: it is nature’s accumulator of etheric energy. Our spiralling chakras are actually etheric energy accumulators and each one accumulates energy from the different etheric frequency bands- perceived as colours in the human aura. Had we not been trained to ignore it from birth, we would observe these energies around living things. Thus living beings are a symphony of energy frequencies – known as eiger frequencies – working in harmony, much as an orchestra would; disease is a dissonant energy in the field, much like a renegade, which would negatively affect the resultant concerto. Hence, anything which reinforces our resonance with nature’s energies will be especially beneficial to us.

The most important of these frequencies are very long waves of extremely low frequency, which form part of the electromagnetic spectrum called Schumann waves; the human brain resonates with these waves and as we saw in ‘Loki’s Matrix of Illusion part 1,’ they are the alpha, beta, gamma, delta and theta frequencies – the connecting link between the worlds of form and resonant patterns; they store ‘gestalts’ – or patterns of information – and are the bridge between solar system resonances, the brain and our very DNA helix, which co-evolves with the earth. Basically, they are absolutely crucial to our health, wellbeing and genes: they are touchstones for reality – for being ‘properly grounded’ so to speak. Indeed, ancient monuments and church towers – particularly round ones as found in Ireland – act as natural accumulators and amplifiers of Schumann resonances as do natural places such as undisturbed rainforests and mountains; these places invigorate us.  Unfortunately, man-made EMF’s severely disrupt our natural resonance with these frequencies by stressing our natural electromagnetic fields and so inducing a vast range of damage to our body-mind system. Of course, the Illuminati know this and are using it against us: could this also be why their road-building schemes are so aggressive – to eliminate our sources of natural resonance, thus making us more subject to their EMF pollution?

Thus true immunity to the great agenda and protection of the folk soul is anything which maintains and replenishes our essential etheric energy reserves and attunes our resonance to the regenerative cyclical motif of life. In practice, proper attention must be paid to diet, breathing, elimination, water, exercise, relationships, the home, ritual celebration and the environment; for all these components establish the proper conditions to enhance our evolution. Let us elaborate.

Diet, elimination, breathing and exercise

Proper food nurtures life; indiscriminate consumption throws the vital organs out of harmony and disastrous consequences usually arise. Now, I say ‘proper food’ because the vast majority of what is classed as ‘food’ is actually destructive junk. For example, hydrogenation is a process used to increase food’s shelf-life; however, the processing, removes all nutritional value and the previously natural oil is converted into an unnatural, dangerous, indigestible ‘plastic.’ Body tissues thus made with this false fat cannot function properly because enzymes cannot bind to them and so create a host of disease states and alter the metabolism. Take milk as an example; it is made from cows forced to eat grain, soy, citrus peel cake and bakery waste instead of grass; the resultant substance we call ‘milk’ has measurable quantities of herbicides, pesticides, dioxins (up to 200 times the safe levels), up to 52 powerful antibiotics, blood, around 400 million pus cells per litre (i.e. around 400,000 per thimbleful), faeces, bacteria and viruses. It can have traces of radioactive fallout from nuclear testing. It then not only severely lacks proper nutrients and is toxic, but homogenisation and pasteurisation, denature, alter and destroy its components, making it a dangerous substance. The human body then- quite correctly- regards it as a toxin, a reaction we call ‘dairy allergy.’ Processing so often turns valuable foods into poison.

Take another ingredient in so many modern food products. Sugar is the only food source for the brain, but not in the form created during this past century. Raw cane sugar contains up to 14% trace elements, minerals, vitamins, and chlorophyll, all of which are vital. In processing, cane sugar is heated with a lime liquor to extract the calcium and sugar, thus destroying all vitamins. Lime, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, calcium hydroxide and sodium carbonate are added; the resultant dead mass is treated with strontium hydroxide and sent to the sugar refinery. There, it is cleansed with calcium carbonic acid, the dark particles are removed with sulphuric acid and bone charcoal filtration. The final product is then dyed with indanthene blue or highly toxic ultramarine. Strontium hydroxide is radioactive; hence, the moment you consume it, the thyroid gland becomes hyperactive and creates an impatient manner whereby selective seeing, feeling, and touching develops, thus often screening out good influences and letting in only negative ones.

Now consider this fact: negative thoughts are like acids – they contract. The moment there is a contraction reaction, the diameter of blood capillaries become smaller, the nourishment to the cells is reduced and so is our eliminative capacity. Thus, there is a build-up of toxic wastes increasing in a multiplying factor, which results in the individual’s character becoming more ‘acidic,’ until they cannot think positive thoughts, even if they wanted to; so a state of depression results. Toxic build-up creates putrefaction in the intestines and this has a negative feedback on the body-mind chemistry and alters it. Sugar also creates cravings for sweets and starch, so exacerbating this net effect. Germany has done research indicating that intelligence- measured in terms of the mental capacity to think, reason, memorise, etc- is significantly reduced when white sugar is consumed. The incidence of sugar-related diseases has risen dramatically as sugar consumption has increased worldwide also. White sugar has an atomic density of 98.4 – 99.5- exactly in the range of poisons which one usually needs special permission to buy. The research has been done; so why is the white stuff still lined up on supermarket shelves? The same applies to artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, sucralase etc, which are deadly neurotoxins.

Thus many so-called ‘energy foods’ on the market are actually energy-draining: they whip the nervous system and adrenal glands into exhaustion because of the toxic overload and artificial stimulation they provide- like going into credit and never being able to pay back the loan. Our endocrine balance is also severely distorted: no wonder diabetes and obesity is so prevalent: the very ground substance of our bodies is being radically altered. Processed foods are constantly stimulating- acidic- thus creating a perpetual physiological state that fosters stress, fear and toxin retention; natural, organic whole-foods (e.g. raw foods and sprouted seeds or whole-foods prepared in traditional ways) are nourishing and alkaline, maintain strong nervous and endocrine systems and encourage proper elimination. There are also correct food combinations and balances (e.g. sweet, sour, salty, pungent and bitter) which our culture ignores at its peril.

Fundamentally, we need to remember the true function of food: it supplies us with vitalising etheric energy. When plants grow, they absorb specific etheric energy frequencies from the cosmos so that individual plants are found to respond to specific planetary frequencies and alignments as they grow e.g. garlic aligns with Mars, so it contains those planetary energies through resonance. Nicholas Culpepper made an extensive study of this fact with herbs and it can be found in folkloric wisdom. Further, a growing bud spirals- just as sap spirals- so that plant cells are miniature etheric energy accumulators, which we then eat. Thus, by consuming a variety of natural organic foods (organic because they are of a more naturally correct constitution and so have a higher eiger-frequency), we are retuning and reinforcing our resonance with the natural electromagnetic spectrum and cosmos. Again, this is crucial for our whole immunity to the great agenda. The same principle applies to eating as much seasonal organic produce as possible; preferably, make it local; for this strengthens our relationship with the particular locality within Midgard in which we find ourselves whilst simultaneously helping to reduce the catastrophic burden of global food transportation. Ultimately of course, this helps us redefine the Odal lands as our own rightful heritage of which we are an integral part. Eating correctly fosters true vitality and clarity of mind: food should be our medicine- wisdom we Odinists must reclaim not just for ourselves, but also for our offspring: for the nature of our food literally impacts and alters our very DNA.

Correct breathing fundamentally influences the body’s energy balance; there are basically two functional breath types: cleansing, which detoxifies the body and stresses exhalation and energising, which collects and stores vital energy and focuses more on inhalation: a sigh is a spontaneous cleansing breath whilst a yawn is a spontaneous energising breath. Interestingly, the word ‘chee’ means ‘energy,’ ‘breath’ and ‘air’ and many practises such as tai chi, yoga, martial arts etc work to cultivate these energies. Indeed, I can do no better than suggest you check Tyrsson’s excellent writings for guidance. Meanwhile, exercise maintains mobility and increases flexibility. The physical state of our body also informs our psyche. Exercise circulates vital energy to the organs along with blood and lymph, which increases cellular nutrition and enhances the proper removal of waste. If we don’t move, our energies stagnate, whilst the metabolism slows and we gain weight. Yet too much exhausts our reserves. Exercises such as tai chi, martial arts and yoga are slow and rhythmic, loosening, stretching and refreshing to the body; running, aerobics, weight lifting etc are faster, and tighten, compact and potentially deplete the energy reserves. However, both types are useful; balance is the key.


Water is a remarkable substance; it is in the clouds, atmosphere, earth’s crust, animals and plants; there is no life without water; we are 70% water. Water is a vital cleanser and detoxifier of the body, and it possesses some unique properties: water is visibly manifest etheric energy. In its natural state, water’s spiralling vortex energy increases our own energy and vitality; it can heal or harm, depending upon its treatment. Once upon a time, it was revered; now our waters are badly polluted. Water is a liquid information system; in the 1960’s, Dr Jacques Benveniste proved that water holds the memory of a substance, even when no molecules of that substance remain; this is how homeopathy works. When his findings were published in ‘Nature’ magazine in 1988, a scientific fraud team was sent in to debunk the theory; after all, if water was proved to hold memory of all the toxic chemicals and EMF pollution it has harboured, the potential for lawsuits was infinite. Benveniste was duly deemed a heretic – but has since been proved correct.

However, whilst salts and minerals in water carry out the reactions necessary for it to transport information, the actual information is carried by particulate light bodies called somatids, which Albert Einstein had hypothesised existed. In 1996, Dr David Schweitzer succeeded in photographing thoughts impregnated in water, demonstrating conclusively that water can act as a liquid memory system capable of storing information.

Thus the impact of positive and negative thoughts on bodily fluids can be seen: somatids actually intensify in the presence of positive thoughts and even more so when these are backed by emotion – the nature of which also affects them. Holy water contains them in abundance. But water is sensitive to the way it is stored: fluorescent lighting in supermarkets literally changes its structure and causes it to dry out our nine mucous membranes – quite apart from the solvents that leak from the plastic bottles. Ideally, water should be drunk fresh from a natural unpolluted spring; otherwise reverse osmosis purified water is preferred. There are filters and vortex energisers on the market, which remove the negative information or signatures.

Austrian forest warden Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) studied water extensively; his most startling observation was that the subtle qualities of water can affect humans mentally and spiritually, either revitalising or deteriorating society. Its properties explain many phenomena: ghosts as a taped memory of strong emotion within a vicinity; the reality of morphic resonance in species; the transference of thought through the ethers via telepathy; the mysterious malevolent or benign spirit that a body of water can exude – drowning hotspots for example. Perhaps these were the mermaids, sirens and nymphs of old. Water’s properties explain the akashic records- our mythic well of memory. It is the timeless cosmic sensory organ; we mistreat it at our peril.

Relationships and The Home

As an extension of our personal ecology, we need to realise the home is not just a place to ‘dump our stuff,’ but is actually a dynamic and energetic entity which, much like water, becomes a repository for our energies. A home is an energy body – a temple – which starts with our own etheric energies. In a happy marriage, where there is both affection and natural physical compatibility, a body of magnetism builds up forming a double aura, which includes the objects of daily use that become imbued by it (hence the saying ‘getting a home together’). This aura has a peculiar power to inhibit outside influences and re-establish poise after setbacks; once built, it is a protective sanctuary.

Promiscuous relationships however, fail to build up the food of etheric magnetism: like a stimulant, they create appetite which can never be wholly satiated because certain essential spiritual vitamins are missing; and adultery will pollute the energies of the party involved and hence, the marriage aura. As we saw in last year’s talk, polarity establishes real energetic bonds between the couple’s chakras; hence, if one partner establishes a link with a member of the opposite sex outside of marriage that transcends the physical chakra levels towards those of a higher resonance – such as the mental body chakra – energy will be diverted from the marriage to the platonic mate and, as in the oft intuitive language of common parlance, the marriage bed will indeed be empty. Absolute fidelity is crucial. And needless to say, the woman’s menstrual cycle must be honoured and respected; for it is the manifest template of the sacred cyclical within the temple.

Mealtimes enhance the marriage aura because the magnetism of a common meal establishes a psychic link. Indeed, many worldwide customs regard hospitality as a sacred duty and the man with whom they have eaten is regarded as safe from attack for several hours after leaving the cam p- i.e. until he has digested his meal. Family mealtimes are therefore vital for both strengthening and protecting its members.

Having a drink together after an argument is another common custom that re-establishes energetic bonding. Meanwhile, eating and drinking is a part of the daily cycle of life as well as the way in which we increase our chee; hence, the thinking and expressing of negative thoughts whilst preparing and eating food is undesirable whilst a heartfelt grace should be said at mealtimes. The same principle applies when drinking water. A firm faith and positive attitude towards whatever comes into your body neutralises and blocks negative influences.

Gandhi drank water infected with cholera and was never affected. Dr David Schweitzer was in Africa for 14 years and, although stung by malaria-infected mosquitoes, never developed symptoms because of his positive beliefs and attitudes. This is the principle behind the memory cup in blots: the actual contents of the mead horn are not as important as the focussed positive intention, which via the somatids, enhances the etheric energy of the drink. However, living in the polluted west as we do and with the insidious infection within the folk soul from Christianity and medicalisation, we cannot rely on faith and positive attitude alone to protect our immunity: organic whole-foods, purified water and needless to say, natural healthcare are not options: they are absolutely crucial to our individual and folk’s survival.

Of course, the contents of our homes as repositories for this energy are very important. They should be of natural materials as these inherently hold the resonances of nature; for otherwise the home is a potentially concentrated toxic hell-hole if it is filled with objects of an artificial nature. Glues, plastics, furniture fillings, paints etc all emit harmful solvents and other chemical poisons, which stress our bodies and immunity, setting us up for disease. Many contain hormone disrupting chemicals which negatively affect fertility and are passed down via our genetics to the next generation. Again, anything which erodes our immunity at any level invites the Loki energy in. Humanity’s amnesia regarding natural law also means that buildings are not only constructed of harmful materials, but also pay no heed to site and orientation with reference to local land alignments and environmental energies. This oversight can be counteracted to some extent by practises such as feng shui, which harmonise the energies of the place and in doing so, help eliminate the negative impacts of geopathic stress, electromagnetic radiation etc.


Celebrations and Ritual

Rites of passage, celebrations and blots expand our vision by drawing us into the timeless co-creative space of the immediate ‘here and now’ beside our Gods, Goddesses, Folk, ancestors and successors; they reinforce the primal and eternal rhythms of existence to which we are simultaneously both subject to and the vessel thereof.

They are the life-source of our folk spirit, the cyclical vortex – our holy fylfot; it is the etheric energy of the four great tides of cleansing, growing, reaping and resting with their nodal points at the solstices and equinoxes. It is inherent in the hour, day, week, month, seasons, years, centuries and galactic motion.

Life is motion and evolution is advance up the spiral of time whilst taking time out to metaphorically ‘smell the flowers;’ for every moment simultaneously holds both the opportunity for renewal and evolution and the inherent Ragnarok that enables the cutting of the cloth.

The power and feeling invoked by ritual creates specific vibrations, which are multiplied and strengthened by the deliberate acts to effect physical and psychic change; and as with meditation, ritual opens our beings to the joyful, connecting, cohesive soul of nature, which is a part of the natural                    Schumann waves. Rituals and celebration address the balancing parasympathetic side of our physical beings, which dissipates fear and opens us to the healing influx of the natural chee – literally plugging us into the mains to recharge our batteries.

In visiting a sacred site, the effect is enhanced because they are accumulators and amplifiers of Schumann waves – potent grounding nodes to our reality in Midgard. This makes the Rite’s environmental work absolutely paramount: for if we lose these ‘touchstones of reality,’ we might never be the same again. Land reclamation is also vital work for us. By recognising the sacredness of a place through ritual, we are healing Mother Jorth and simultaneously receiving sustenance from her through our symbiotic relationship: we are strengthening the ecological hologram of existence and protecting it from the all-seeing Lokian eye that imbues our lands. Over time, this reclaimed land will itself become a potent accumulator and amplifier of etheric energy – just as sacred sites are – so that eventually, with the Odal lands rightfully reclaimed, locality in space and time will cease to matter.

Ritual is pattern and hence, all of life is sacred ritual – whether we realise it or not. We can reinforce this understanding by applying the cyclical template to daily life to help us navigate our personal evolution. Here is an example from the workplace that can be adapted to any situation:

What is ‘new’ in the workplace?
What is emerging within the job/organization?

What is being learned?
What am I/are we learning in the job/organization at this time?
What challenges must be met?
How am I/are we being stretched?
Do I/we advocate professional development and provide mentoring and coaching for everyone?

What professional and community alliances does the job/organization foster?

What is dying in the job/our organisation?
What is being released?
What have I/we outgrown?
What is being shed and is no longer useful?
How can I/we make honourable closure to the ends of projects, finished team tasks, and to honour those who are leaving?


Every regular act is a ritual which reinforces our beliefs for good or ill. We must focus our energies on being an integral part of nature in full knowledge that nature is our home. This is a core memory we must reawaken through focussed intent; for like the sun shining on a piece of paper, it is only the focussing glass of the lens which will ignite it. Similarly, the tools of thought, emotion and belief are like the sun; they need the lens of positive, dynamic, wilful intention to transform their energy into evolutionary action. Our original nature is inherently positive but the Lokian agenda has corralled us down an alien path of negativity. We can take the easy road and allow the discordant strings of HAARP to hypnotise us into a blind and meaningless dance; or we can call upon Heimdal to sound the Gjallar Horn, listen to the silence that obliterates the dissonance, and then act fearlessly. Thus, with heart aglow from our inherent vision of the new Golden Age, we know illusion ultimately consumes itself- brings its own nemesis – and can never destroy the eternal folk soul, the hologram of eternal nature. For Faith, Folk and Family, we must choose: what will you choose?

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  1. Skydin says:

    Brilliant, even as I read and think to reply I have a moment of concern that I’ll be put on some black list of “people who can actually see”. But again, fear is the main thing we must avoid, and it is so easy to avoid. With strong enough faith and sense of self we can even be unaffected by toxins if it should come to it. Like this article said, they try to control our perception and our emotions which are only our surface. I loved that part. Even if it should come to it, there is no death for us who have invested in eternal life!

    While the ridiculously wealthy living dead can live on earth when it’s completely uninhabitable. Their egos will be so dense that they can’t ascend, they’re souls long traded for material things. They will seek unnatural means to make their bodies live “forever”. And they will become false Gods, and instead of heaven they will inherit hell. They’re doomed… and I actually feel sorry for them. They will fight and destroy eachother, for a pure and true human is not their enemy, they must fear the next evil being more evil than themselves.

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