Loki is a malevolent persona who wreaks havoc on the Gods in pursuit of his own gain. While pretending to befriend the Gods, he steals Thor’s hammer and Idunna’s apples, cuts off Sif’s beautiful golden hair, and is responsible for creating the downfall of Ragnarok. While pretending to be a friend, Loki lies and is not to be trusted.

Sources differ on the origin of Loki. Some believe him to be the brother, or half-brother, of Odin. Some say he is of the Aesir, and others say he is the Vanir. Some say he is a Giant. But regardless of his true origins, all agree he is a malignant force to be cast out and set aside for the greater good of all.

Some people would say that the stunts Loki has pulled have achieved good in the end. But it must always be seen that the Gods win out in spite of, rather than because of, Loki. He is the liar they trusted until they knew better.

Artwork: “Loki” by Carl Emil Doepler

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