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Yggdrasil – Interconnections and Dependency

By Ulfhethnar Odinsen AOR The tree is a common motif in our sacred mythology as well as in that of various cultures world-wide. Yet nowhere does it seem to have left such an indelible mark as it has in the Nordic cultures of Europe. From the mighty ash tree Yggdrasil to our progenitors Askr and Embla, the Ash and Elm.

The Myth of Ragnarok – As a Cosmic Event, Personal Event and as an Evolutionary Step Towards Odin Consciousness

By Arinbjorn OR The destruction wrought in the Ragnarok is a reflection of daily events that occur across the cosmos. Though the mythic Ragnarok is seen by the layman as an end of a story, in truth it merely details a period of cleansing and transition. This transition is visible to us on a daily basis as Sunna passes over the western horizon and the new day begins.


The Van, Heimdal, is a god of peculiar significance for our folk. He, it is said, stands sentinel at Bifrost Bridge and guards the realm of Asgarth from invasion by evil. With his armour of silver, his golden helmet and his great gleaming sword he is a shining figure in our mythology.

Giants and the reliability of received mythology (from the Eddas, Snorri and Saxo)

There appear to be two main classifications of deity grouped together under the term "giant": great creative spirits, and the powerful guardians of certain localities - mountains and rivers, for instance.

Ragnarok and the Myth of the Eternal Return

The story of Ragnarok is an example of the archetypal theme which has been categorised as the myth of the eternal return.


Even amongst Odinists the subject of Ragnarok can lead to a cloud of melancholy. Like all myths it can be applied to our personal experiences but I want now to deal with its epic aspect and why rather than allow a feeling of gloom to descend on us we ought to see it as an affirmation of our being and our direct contact with our gods.


Within the Odinist / Asatru community as a whole, there is often a rampant misunderstanding and false perception of Loki. At its worst some would claim to be on the ``Lokian path``, some offer blot to this force or pay honour. To be blunt the ignorance displayed in doing such is staggering and to compound it, such individuals invariably think they are actually very clever. They chase further ignorance believing it wisdom, but such is the nature of the Loki energy, it deludes.


Following publication in the last ORB of the 'MAY LOKI BE BOUND article, I received some very good feedback and questions. As it is vital for both personal growth and the advance of our Holy religion that this figure is properly understood, I think it would be helpful for all OR members to see the pertinent questions and the response.

Odinists are Spiritual Revolutionaries

ODINISM, like every organic heathen faith, is a growing, evolving and ever-changing belief system. Odinists look to the past eras of the uncontaminated faith for inspiration and wisdom, but we equally look to the present and future to adapt our ancestors' accumulated knowledge and experience to present-day needs.


A brief essay on Loki.