Yule (Germany): Legend of the Bird Nest

According to an old German legend, if you find a bird nest in the tree you harvest for Yule, you will have an entire year of health and happiness.

Tuck a nest in one of the branches of your tree to include all the best wishes of this old Germanic legend.

Make Your Own Bird’s Nest Ornament

To complete this craft, you will need:
brown craft paper, or brown paper bags,
glue and cardboard.
Optional supplies include feathers, small twigs, string, ribbon, etc.

Cut cardboard into a circle. This will be the base of your nest. Crumple small pieces of brown craft paper and glue around the edge of your nest’s base. You can also twist longer strips of paper and shape them around the nest edge.

Add small twigs, natural coloured feathers, and recycled strings and ribbon to your nest to give it more authentic look. Tuck a few chocolate treats in your nest and hide it in your Yule tree for a fun “hide-n-seek” game!


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