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Yule: History, Figures and Regional Traditions

Arinbjorn OR (OR Gothi), has provided a comprehensive exploration of the Yuletide celebrations, characters and modern incorporation of ancient traditions from all around Midgard. The reading level is young teen to adult. Merry Yule! Yule:…

The Reason for the Season!

One of the most common questions we get asked is how to get through "Christmas" when you are not a Christian. Well just take a look at what are considered the general trappings of "Christmas" and you will find that it all has origins in the pre-Christian past of our folk.

Members’ Creations

Here at Acorn Hollow, we pride ourselves in the "Tried and True" crafts. Below are some great examples of our members' creations. If you have some pictures of your creations, please share, and if we don't have the craft yet, share it! Thank…

A Different Kind of Wrapping!

Sometimes the best part of a gift is the wrapping! One of our commenters offered up some great ideas, and we thought it would be great to share a little "how to" so folks can recreate these fun wrapping ideas this year. Thank you "Frau Williams" for offering these great ideas and sharing them with our Folk!

Glitter Ornaments

A great way to create some unique personalized ornaments for a Yule tree is to utilize hot glue. This is a very flexible craft where you can make snowflakes, runes, ancient symbols, etc…

Swiss Yule Recipes

These recipes are from one of our Swiss members. Thank you Hariulf OR for sharing these recipes with Acorn Hollow!

Pönnukökur (Icelandic Pancakes)

Yule is a time for family and fun and doing things together. As a child I remember being at my Amma’s house and making all of the Icelandic foods. I remember the piles of Pönnukökur, Rosettes, and the many layered cake; Vínarterta.


Snowflakes not only remind us of Winter, but also of Hagalaz the rune for Winter and regeneration.

Donar’s Hearth OR Yule Booklets

Every year Donar's Hearth OR and the Odinic Rite Vinland host a Yule Celebration. The following booklets contain Yule Carols, Crafts, and stories to use through out the Yule Season. We use them every year at our gathering, an everyone - young and old alike - enjoy them. We hope you do too!

Scandinavian Stars

Do you need a star for your tree? Or just need some lovely straw stars for your tree? Keeping with the traditional straw crafts of Scandinavia, the star below is simple enough for kids, yet complex in their lovely design.

Danish Yule Heart (Julhjarta)

The Danish Yule Heart (Julhjarta) is a beautiful symbol of Freya and Frigga. The loving caresses of our Goddesses warm our hearts and souls through the cold dark season.

Exploring the Blot – Part 1

By Mark Puryear The word “blot” is an Old Norse term designating a sacrifice or offering. It is etymologically linked to English “blood”, which was its original meaning; since in ancient times animal and even human sacrifices were performed to the Gods and Goddesses, with their blood being a central object of observance. This may be shocking to some, but what many should know is that every race in every land on earth has practiced some form of blood sacrifice at one time or another..