Yule (Germany): Legend of the Acorn

In Germany, where oak trees are considered sacred, acorns are thought to bring good luck.

The German saying “from little acorns, come mighty oaks” shows the protective nature of a mother’s belief that when one provides a nurturing and care, one can anticipate great results.

Acorns are also believed by the Germans to represent the rebirth of life. Early German Yule Trees were covered in acorns to commemorate this gift of life and luck.

Decorate your tree with the token acorn to include the good luck of this Germanic tradition!

Make Your own Acorn Garland

To complete this craft, you will need:
a black marker,
brown construction paper,
glue and string (at least 1.5 meters/60 inches).

Fold construction paper in half. Draw acorns on one half of the page. Cut out the acorns in sets of two. Put glue on one side of one acorn. Lay down the string and then lay the matching acorn on top. The string will be sandwiched between the two matching acorns. Repeat this 20 cm (6 inches) or so until you have no more string to fill, or no more acorns.

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