The Harvest Wreath beautiful reminder is a potent symbol of the cycle of life. It is an infinite loop representing our connection – past, present, future. The addition of natural items collected from your neighborhood and local wild areas adds to the unique quality of this craft.


This is a great craft for all year around. You can dress it up for each season, but today let us make one to celebrate the harvest!


  • Vines or a pre-made vine wreath from a craft store
  • Signs of the season
    • Dried flowers and/or pressed leaves
    • Dried fruits – crab apples or dried apple slices would be great!
    • Evergreens (even if seems for winter, they are great remembrance off life!)
    • Other local Fall foliage
      • Lichens, Holly Berries, Oak Leaves, Rosemary in the NW
      • Chaparral, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Crape Myrtle, Cactus in the SW
      • Symbols of the season – such as runes, sunwheels, spirits, etc…
  • Craft wire or the like.
  • Hot glue gun if necessary.
  • String and hook for hanging
  • A dry day to go out and collect your decorations.

Start with a walk in your locale and discover the natural beauty that is merely steps from your home. If you are ambitious, visit a nearby wild space to collect the items for your wreath. This would a great time to teach your little ones about their local flora and the changes for the season.

If you have a premade wreath from a craft store, you simply attach the items in a pattern starting from center and layer with larger items on the bottom and things like dried berries or small flowers for the top layer.

If you are starting with vines, the key is to have them pliable enough to bend, but dry enough to be hard once woven. You can soak in water (such as a bathtub) to make pliable enough to bend. I used grapevines for our wreaths in the past, and they are great for a natural wild look. You can “braid” the vines to keep them in place or use the last couple cycles to twist around the prior cycles hold in place. You can also simply use craft wire. Once you have your base wreath, decorate as above.

A great variation is to create an apple wreath with dried apple slices!

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