Apple Stamps


Apples are a consummate symbol of autumn.   From Idunna in Northern Europe to Pomona in the South, the apple is a holy symbol of fertility and luck.  The following are some great crafts to help celebrate life, fertility and the lovely little apple!



  • Apples
  • Knife (make sure parents are using the knives)
  • Apple corer – optional
  • Paint
  • Paper of any sort

Edible Paint:

  • This could be natural dyes such as pressed berries, plums, pomegranate, beets, etc…
  • Or you can mix some light corn syrup with food coloring
  • Vanilla pudding and food color

Non-Edible Paint:

  • Tempura
  • Watercolors


Here is a great poem to get the kids started:

The Apple Star

Take an apple round and red
Don’t slice down
Slice through instead
Right inside it you will see
A star as pretty as can be!


You can do this a couple of ways.

1. Cut through the apple to reveal the star and simply dip in paint and create a art piece.
2. Use an apple corer that also slices the apple. Snack on the apple and use the core to make small stars.
3. Cut through the apple and starting from the outer edge, slice to the core, but not through the core so the core is raised. Using a paring knife, create different symbols from the raised core, or just make stars!

The child’s and the parent’s imagination can create endless possibilities. If you don’t want to waste the apples use the edible paint, so the apple can be eaten or composted instead of thrown away!


Apple Faces


  • Apples
  • Oven (with a parent!)
  • String or wire for hanging.


Peel the apple, leaving the stem and a circle of peel around the stem. Choose the best side of the apple for the face. Carve a mouth, nose and eyes into the apple. You may also want to carve a chin, cheeks, and ears. Make your cuts fairly deep, but be careful not to go all the way through the apple.

Put into a 200 degree (F) oven and leave till apple is dried up.  If you don’t want it to brown, soak in lemon juice for an hour before drying.

These would be great additions to your Harvest Wreath.

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