Winter Nights Feast!

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A winter nights would not be complete without a scrumptious feast to celebrate. The recipes below are tried and true from Acorn Hollow families! Enjoy, and remember to set a plate out for your ancestors and the wights!

Harvest Wreath

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The Harvest Wreath beautiful reminder is a potent symbol of the cycle of life. It is an infinite loop representing our connection – past, present, future. The addition of natural items collected from your neighborhood and local wild areas adds to the unique quality of this craft.


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Apples are a consummate symbol of autumn. From Idunna in Northern Europe to Pomona in the South, the apple is a holy symbol of fertility and luck. The following are some great crafts to help celebrate life, fertility and the lovely little apple!

Winter Nights and the Healing of the Soul

In ancient times, our ancestors lit bonfires during this time year. It was called, among the Celts, the Winter Fire. It was thought that these massive fires would light the path home for their passed kin, a beacon to attract the spirits of their loved ones. Around these fires the Folk would gather and tell stories of their kin and their adventures.

Turnip Jack-O-Lantern

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The Celts would make these lanterns with scary faces to frighten off malevolent spirits.

Bobbing for Apples

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Bobbing for apples has become a staple in Halloween celebrations all over Midgard. Children look forward to this seemingly harmless tradition every year. Although great fun in modern times, bobbing for apples begins with the ancient Celts and Romans.