The Treasures of the Gods

By Einar Randall AOR In this myth we are given a folkloric version regarding crop harvesting, the importance of cutting down the old stocks which is necessary to make way for the next planting. The connection to this idea stems form the fact…


Frey, whose name means "lord", was seen by our pagan ancestors as the "the Lord of the Elves". He is pre-eminently a nature god, a spiritual being concerned with procreation and fertility.


A brief essay on the God Frey.

Rejecting the Past

In order to placate foreign and immigrant groups we - the indigenous peoples - must forego our own culture and our history because it is regarded as offensive and an affront to those who have small culture and no history. In the name of a spurious and unnatural equality we must forget our past and the breathtaking achievements of our people.