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In a world where we are bombarded with consumerism and meaningless entertainment there is a great need for music that resonates with the values of our Ancestors. The various compilations from Odinic Rite Media have offered an amazingly diverse range of music, all of which reminds us of who we are and our relationship to the Old Gods. Folk Flame is the latest collection and is truly superb, it opens with the marvellous Odin is My Guide and then offers a diverse selection of music and poetry. The poetic pieces are a real joy; the Fire Whisk is a truly beautiful evocation, while Reflections reminds us how far our society is from Traditional life. The Charnel Grounds is an intriguing and haunting exploration of the Indo Vedic tradition of death meditation.

There are also some excellent instrumental works with Eternal Return really awakening the soul as the CD concludes.

This is a superb compilation and one that no heathen can be without.

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