Folk Soul - A Second Compilation of Odinist Artists

We are very pleased to announce the release of "Folk Soul - A Second Compilation of Odinist Artists". Folk Soul is the second release on the Odinic Rite Media label and is the sequel to "Folk Spirit - A Compilation of Odinist Artists" The album features 15 unique track by 14 different artists and will appeal to a wide variety of musical tastes with various genres represented.

Odinism - Our Natural Religion

As one year fades and another one dawns, Odinic Rite Media presents a sequel to the popular 'Odinism - An Eternal Faith'. This new film, entitled 'Odinism - Our Natural Religion', was shot on location at Tyrley locks, Shropshire, England during…

New OR Media Film

A short film will be released by OR Media in the new year. This will be the second film we have produced (the first featured Asbrandir and was filmed at Folk Camp 2010). The new film will be distributed in the usual way via this Forum, the…

Folk Spirit II – ‘Folk Soul’

Thanks for your huge efforts - we're nearly there; one last push and another excellent OR Media production will be fully up and running. How many other organisations could do this? Your hard work makes all this possible.

Folk Spirit II – Contributions Sought

Plans are underway to release a long awaited sequel to the first OR Media album 'Folk Spirit', but OR Media urgently needs contributions from new and existing Odinist artists. Within a week after a bulletin was put out via the OR Forum and…

Odinism – An Eternal Faith

Odinic Rite Media presents 'Odinism - An Eternal Faith'. This short film explores Odinism in the modern world, as practiced by members of the OR. 'Odinism - An Eternal Faith' has been produced in house by members of the OR, including the…

The Woodland Chimes

With the first whisper of spring in the air, new life is preparing to burst forth from the previously frosted earth. Odinists are in tune with the natural cycles of Midgard, and springtime is one of the most inspiring of seasons. It is with…

Folk Spirit - A Compilation of Odinist Artists

Folk Spirit Cover Front

We are very proud to announce the release of our first CD, a compilation of music by members and friends of the Odinic Rite.

The compilation is a showcase containing a variety of genres from Odinist around the world.