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Green Woods of England – Cynewulf

Lay by your dreaming, will not get you far
Have you ever wondered where greenwoods are?
And past the roads and cities lying there
The Greenwoods of England are standing somewhere

Where Robin did hunt and Herne did stand
Where squirrels could leap throughout the land
Where Rufus paid with his life somewhere
The Greenwoods of England are given to care

Gold for the builders the meadows to tar
Lay down a bypass drive a fast car
But when the money and buildings have gone
The Greenwoods of England will still carry on

In holy groves a presence lies there
A gift from Gods out in the thin air
Where else in this world could realise those dreams?
The Greenwoods of England are not as they seem.

My Land – Lee James (Lyrics by JT)

My land is wild, my land is tame
From the ragged mountain to the pastured plain
My land is green, my land is white
From the summer sun to the snowy blight

My land is bog, my land is sand
From the wetland marsh to the dune filled coast land
My land is diseased, my land is good
From the landfill site to the healthy wood

My land is my heritage.
My land is my heritage.
My land is my heritage.
This land is my heritage.

My land is tranquil, my land is toil
From the cottage to the sweat soaked soil
My land is sedate, my land is strife
From the days of peace to the widowed wife

My land is mine, my land is ours
From the early days to the final hours

Odin – Ansund

Change has come to this modern world
Some are prepared with their banners unfurled
I greet the dawn with eyes open wide
Standing firm, Odin by my side


Nature’s law is what I believe
Standing up amongst those on their knees
Strong in heart, my heart’s my guide
Facing the fight, Odin at my side


Nature’s wheel turns we live and die
People want to know the reason why
Try to decide between truth and lie
Our Gods they say… reach for the sky

Truth concealed in myth through time
A way of life, the noble nine
Great ambition I do not hide
Myths raise me up to Odin’s side


Ever evolving, my folk strive on
Like a tree reaching for the sun
A gleaming blade for those who lied
Fight for freedom at Odin’s side


I hear the newborn baby cry
And watch from mountaintop as eagles fly
The truth is clear, you can’t deny
We must evolve… reach for the sky

Change has come to this modern world
Some are prepared with their banners unfurled
I greet the dawn with eyes open wide
Standing firm, Odin by my side


The Windswept Tree – White Horse



I know that I hung on the windswept tree
Hung there for nine full nights
With the spear I was wounded
And offered I was to Odin, myself to myself
On that tree that none may ever know
What root beneath it runs….


None gave me bread
None gave me mead
Down to the depths I did sink
And there, screeching, I took up the runes
And back I fell…


Knowest how to write
Knowest how to read
Knowest how to stain
Knowest how to understand
Knowest how to ask
Knowest how to offer
Knowest how to supplicate
Knowest how to sacrifice……

Lost Between the Lines – Lee James

Am I stuck here in this empty place?
Do I fail to see I’ve lost the race?
Which was over before I was even born

Pouring over histories
Of Empires fallen to their knees
Of conquered tribes with no one left to mourn

A dozen theories all at once
Contradicting ignorance
Uncertainty is all they seem to spawn

Where’s the voice amongst the throng
Who is right and who is wrong
Who to believe and who to scorn

I must admit that for some time
I lost myself between the lines
Until again I found peace of mind
As I gazed out my window

In a thousand books there’s nothing as true
As the world staring back at you
And though I’ll see your point of you
There’s nothing more I need to know

And surely it would be no crime
To remember to take the time
To breathe the air, to feel the shine and say
This is the truth in best to grow”

Longobardia – Death Army

Tra mura d’Alpi a nord
e tre guardiani a vegliar
sorge la Terra dei Laghi
che un tempo Insubria si chiamò.

Fu una Primavera che
Wotan lo sguardo posò
sulla Terra dei Laghi
che Longobardia diventò.

Wotan se mi senti se ci sei ancor
Longobadia vive nei nostri cuor,
Wotan se mi senti se ci sei ancor
Longobadia vive nei nostri cuor.

Deep Waters – Cynewulf

I dreamt I was gliding over deep waters
Pure and sound unto a fortress
In behind the fate that sought us
Through the worlds so clear

Mists they swirl around a mountain
Hills and dales where all abound in
Live by stream and rock and fountain
Dwell those spirits here

Here we stand do all that we can
Ruler, Priest, Warrior and Landsman
Neath these skies we live work and
Leave this world behind

Guardians stand they are not abating
At Rainbow Bridge the watcher’s waiting
Hammer raised that evils hating
The fate that draws it near

The Wheel – Ansund


This land is mine I swear, this country is my home
My kinsmen stand beside me, I know I’m not alone
In meadows flowers open, to greet life giving sun
With joy the children rush outdoors, and through the fields they run


My brothers they will never give up their own sacred ground
Our women they will never feel any less than proud


Whispers from the woodland, sweet scent of summer air
Birds soar over barley fields, and sing without a care
Hazy days, the busker plays, on cobbled village street
Children head down to the fair, not caring who they meet


Our children have strength in their souls, their flame keeps burning bright
Heroes’ blood flows through their veins, and teaches what is right


Green man takes his time to rest, as workers harvest corn
Shadows lengthen over land, and chillier the dawn
As Mother Nature’s wheel turns, we know she lives and dies
So we can reach and touch the stars, under our Northern skies


We revere Nature, we hail every dawn
There’s nothing that can frighten us, when we stand as one


Countryside all masked in white, the landlord brews his ale
Draw a chair close to the fire, and listen to a tale
A Winter Solstice with no dawn, an England with no light
All memories of past forgot, Just everlasting night


This tale of self destruction, comes from foreign tongue
And twisted minded traitors, in England are hung

The Wheel

So listen to the folk-song, and never ever kneel
And keep your soul in touch with Nature’s ever turning Wheel
We can live forever with our arms raised to the sun
With steely eyed determination, we’ve already won

Wolf Age – Lee James (Words from OR Book of Blotar)

Though the teeth of winter will become sharper yet and their bite yet harsher, the Sun returns to usher a new spring.
And though this dark age may get darker yet, that we and others like us gather together is the promise of the coming new spring for our people.
May the Gods sustain us through this dark time, through the winter.

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