The Inspirational Seasons

The song, 'The Wheel' includes a verse for each season, and with the leaves turning a beautiful yet sad golden hue in merry England, perhaps thoughts of countryside walks, the crackle of leaves underfoot, pub fires and the stealthy approach of Jack Frost might just inspire a few of our own musicians to pick up their instrument of choice and pen a folk song relating to their naturalistic feelings.

Folk Spirit - From Idea to Reality

What started as an idea, an imaginative spark, has now become reality. The first OR Media music project, indeed the whole concept for OR Media itself, came from the raw beginnings of a simple concept - to promote the Odinic Rite and Odinism through the medium of music, and to form a collection of folk songs which would power a new generation of forward-thinking Odinists.

Folk Spirit Lyrics

Lyrics from the first OR Media CD release, Folk Spirit. Please note that some tracks are instrumental and so of course have no lyrics.

The Wheel by Ansund - Live

A folkish tribute to the children of Albion... live version.

Fylfot Hearth Galdor at White Horse Stone

A segment of the Yule blot of Fylfot Hearth of the Odinic Rite. Sowilo - Ansuz - Jera

Interview with a Gothi - Heimgest CG

An interview with Heimgest, Director of the Court of Gothar of the Odinic Rite. This interview was conducted at The Mead Hall, a venue owned and run by Odinic Rite members in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Fylfot Hearth of the Odinic Rite at Yule

Excerpts of the Fylfot Hearth Yule blot at the White Horse Stone including fire procession and sun wheel.

Shine by Ansund

The song 'Shine' by Ansund tells of the Nine Noble Virtues of the Odinic Rite. With difficult times ahead, Odinism and the 'OR' provide a safe haven for the spiritually aware Northern European.

The Wheel by Ansund

A folkish tribute to the Children of Albion... lessons from Nature, inspiration and warnings...

The Betrayal of Our People

Wulfstan OR gives an impassioned talk about the constant threats to the uniqueness of our folk. Recorded at the 2005 OR Great Moot in London.

The Noble Nine

Asrad CG discusses the 9 Noble Virtues and their application in every day life. Recorded at the 2005 OR Great Moot in London.

Laurel Owen Interview with Odinist Press Service

Laurel, the OR's Prison Affairs Bureau Coordinator interviewed by Odinist Press Service which provides links to news of interest to Odinists.