Folk Spirit – From Idea to Reality

What started as an idea, an imaginative spark, has now become reality. The first OR Media music project, indeed the whole concept for OR Media itself, came from the raw beginnings of a simple concept – to promote the Odinic Rite and Odinism through the medium of music, and to form a collection of folk songs which would power a new generation of forward-thinking Odinists.

Many ideas are regularly formed by many well-intentioned folk, but few ideas are fully realised. Yet a simple thought was readily put into action by members of the Odinic Rite, and the result, Folk Spirit, awaits carefully timed distribution.

The time and effort an individual needs to put aside to compose and record a track cannot be underestimated. The Odinic Rite is a family organisation and its members have deep commitments to their work, children, partners and a thousand things besides musical projects, so it is an achievement itself that so many original tracks were submitted to OR Media for consideration.

And despite having completed such a huge task, OR Media is already looking forward and considering new projects to undertake. We would like to release more music over the coming years, and for this we require Odinists who are willing to enter the realm of music, poetry and composition and put their passion, spirituality and folkish understanding into words and songs.

If not already a member of the world’s premier Odinist movement, take a look at our website and consider making contact.

We each have a journey to take, and that journey may well form the inspiration for an OR Media submission.

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