The Red Kite: A modern allegory tale of our folk


By Raibeart

I am very lucky to now live in a very rural part of Britain having finally managed to escape the urban setting. Recently one day, as I lay outside in my garden with my eyes closed, I heard the familiar sound of a bird calling. It’s a sound I instantly recognise and immediately know all is well on Midgard. The distinctive pitch of the red kite. A truly beautiful bird of prey. It has been living in its nest within view of my front window for quite a few years. The family of kites have successfully raised a chick to full maturity every year.

My wife & I have often left them food and get a thrill every time they circle, position themselves and swoop down into our garden and take the offerings. Spectacular doesn’t come close to describing it.

This particular day as I stared about he bird circling and riding the air currents getting higher and higher, I found my mind drifting into that wonderful dream like state. Not quite sleep but definitely not awake. I began to reflect on many things until my mind became still. I was aware of the gentle breeze upon my face and suddenly noticed I could feel the same sensations under my body. I was high in the sky, circling gaining height. I felt the thrill of seeing the world from the perspective of the red creature. It was breathtaking.

During this sensation, I realised that I had an affinity with the soul of the bird. It was far from proud which seemed strange at first. It wasn’t until I searched the soul, the very essence, that all became clear. The success of the red kite today was not always like this. In fact it was only a few generations ago that this stunning creature was all but extinct. It had been hunted, its position within nature warped and its very existence questioned. Many were poisoning the families and habitats. They were regularly demonised and trapping to kill them was encouraged. They were all but lost due to those determined on their destruction.

There were a few, a tiny almost insignificant few, who sought to change this state of affairs before it was too late. There were those who recognised that something had to be done but were not prepared to take action. Simply hoping and trusting it would change all by itself. This attitude just sped the all out extinction and genocide even faster and closer to its completion.

The tiny few persisted and constantly dedicated themselves to the cause. Far from just complaining about the situation they continued to effect change and were forthright in their determination. Through the actions of these few, attitudes changed including what was accepted as truth, dissolving and revealing the ignorance of this unfounded propaganda. Successful habitats emerged, concentrated breeding programs and awareness of the populous increased forcing change.

I understood the plight of this magnificent animal and its fierce protection of their now established place in the natural world. I began to look over my homeland from far above. The beautiful land I call home. The British Isles have been the home of my ancestors. It became evident that our way of life is changing dramatically and our soul as a folk is diminishing, dwindling and faces extinction.

Oh how this allegorical tale has twisted and turned like the flight of the red kite. The lesson of this bird through this dream like vision has revealed much. Most importantly, to be steadfast in the face of opposition and follow my folk soul with the few of vision.
Hail the Rite
Hail our Gods & Goddesses
Hail mother Jord and her holy creatures