Glitter Ornaments


A great way to create some unique personalized ornaments for a Yule tree is to utilize hot glue. This is a very flexible craft where you can make snowflakes, runes, ancient symbols, etc… Some things to remember:

• Hot glue should be handled by parent or with parental supervision with older kids. (low temp glue guns are good too)
• Use olive oil brushed lightly on surfaces intended for the hot glue. If you use wax paper, make sure it is the waxy side and allow cooling completely before using “Modge Podge” or watered down white glue.
• If using low temp glue, you can use that glossy plastic surface sheets, again ensure it is completely cooled before removing. Glass or Formica surfaces are great too.
• Utilize either a flat scraper or a flat, thin metal spatula when using hard surfaces.


• Glue Sticks
• Hot Glue Gun
• Wax Paper
• Tape
• Dish Detergent or oil
• Ornament Template or free hand it
Eco-friendly glitter or other decorations
• Mod Podge or thinned white glue with water.
• Small Paint Brush
• String or Wire

Other options:

• Bowl of cold water
• Toothpicks
• Fishing line
• Imagination


If you are using a template, choose a simple thick black-lined image.

1. Cover template with wax paper, tape to hold it still
2. Use a slow, thick stream of hot glue/low temp glue. Reinforce weak areas.
3. Allow to cool completely. Remove from wax paper. If it is sticking, run remnant wax paper under cold water and set the ornament at the same time.
4. If using Modge Podge, simply brush the cooled ornament. If you are using white glue, thin with water and brush ornament.
5. Sprinkle with glitter, or paint, or whatever you feel like doing. Nothing is ok too!
6. Hanging – This can be done by hot gluing string, wire or fishing line. You can also use a tooth pick in the hot glue phase to create a hole. Make sure you dip it in oil or dish soap prior to inserting in your ornament.
7. Display on tree, or hang from ceiling around the living room at different lengths. This looks really nice.


Use hot glue and shoot into a bowl of cold water in circular designs, or any designs. Allow to dry. Brush with Modge Podge or thinned white glue. Decorate. Attach a string, or fishing line. Display.

A great website for this craft:

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