Frey’s Beacon Guardians met up as planned for a clean up of the Wyre salt marsh in North west England. There was literally tons of rubbish which is brought in on a high tide, most of the rubbish was plastic drinks bottles in which we cleared hundreds from the area.

The Marsh is a protected nesting area for all kinds of coastal birds, some being threatened and so it was good to clear this area up of this garbage. It was good to see Johns son Blake actually take a disgust in the amount of rubbish lying around and all though it was cold and windy his enthusiasm to get rid of it seemed to rub off on us all.

3 adults and a child of under 10 spent a couple of hours making a difference to mother Jorth, it doesn’t take that much time or effort to organise a clean up of a local area, that said I would like to thank all who made the journey and cared enough to take part. I hope our efforts inspire others to do like wise as The Guardians of the White Horse Stone did to us.

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  1. Suzi says:

    Hey guys .

    Glad to hear you all helped rid mother Jorth of unwanted nastyness, you are all doing an amazing job, im so proud to be associated with Freys Beacon . I miss you all loads and i only wish me and Gabriel could of been there to help out too.

    Sorry you all haven’t heard from us much, but its proving difficult to get onto the forum for some reason (dont know why ?? it just keeps logging us out repeatedly)

    Take care of my home land for me, tell her i will be back one day and send my love to her green rolling hills and beautiful forests .

    Suzi xxxxxxx


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