White Horse Stone Victory!

Summer 2006

Once again, with assistance from friends and comrades around the world the OR has helped to ensure that the WHS and its surroundings remain free from despoilation at the hands of Orange, the telecommunications company.

As many of you know, Orange recently launched a second bid to site a telecommunication tower in the vicinity of the stone. We understand that the response received by the local planning authority was incredible and we thank all of you who took the time to write.

The council cited the following as their reasons for rejection:

The proposed mast would be sited in a particular location that would intrude upon views across the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the North Downs Special Landscape Area. In this respect this proposal would be harmful to the natural beauty and scenic quality of the landscape. Furthermore it would also be clearly visible from the North Downs Way and would affect the wider setting of the Ancient Monument for the White Horse Stone. The proposal would therefore be contrary to policies ENV33, ENV34 and ENV48 of the Maidstone Borough-Wide Local Plan 2000 and policies EN1, EN4, EN5, and QL9 of the Kent and Medway Structure Plan 2006.

The Guardians of the White Horse Stone will continue their work in the area and be vigilant against further attempts to spoil this wonderful site.

White Horse Stone at Sunset
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