Delamere Litter Pick.


Today some members of Frey’s Beacon OR Hearth met up in Delamere forest for a litter pick. Those present were Neil AOR, Aidan, Sean and myself. We were also joined by Pat and her daughter Sally, who although not Odinist, wanted to help clean up this beautiful Forest.
The wind was howling as the wild hunt blew through the trees and the rain lashed down and soaked us to the bone. That said we were in good spirits and I think it was well worth the effort, as three whole large green refuge sack’s were filled and dispatched to the nearby Rangers office. Most of the litter we took was plastic bottles, drinks cans, chocolate wrappers, crisp packets and one full bag of Dog dirt “Parcels”
So overall a successful afternoon.
I plan to do a litter pick every month from now on, there is always somewhere in the locality that needs cleaning as the general population seem to think it’s ok to walk in nature, take in the fresh air and then litter it and try and spoil it for everyone else.
So if you fancy making a difference please dont hesitate to contact me (Sigbert). My details are on the info link on this very site. We are a friendly bunch and would love some help.

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