Water – Nature’s Sensationally Reflective Medium

By Eowyn OR

“No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it” -ALBERT EINSTEIN

As great seafarers, water was a major aspect of our ancestor’s lives and, as for us today, an essential element of physical survival. Water is central to Wyrd creation mythology: two mighty regions- fire and ice respectively- seeped together within the yawning chasm- Ginnungagap- creating a mist from which the giant Ymir arose. Hence, wells, rivers and seas were sacred and magical places with many powers ascribed to them. Unsurprisingly therefore, the importance of water to people’s lives was reflected in folklore and language, much of which we still use to this day. We speak of “going with the flow,” a “sea of love,” “feeling drained” or “overflowing with emotion;” of “secrets leaking out” or “fishing for a complement;” obviously, the list is endless. But essentially, water was a metaphor for life’s energies, one our ancestors must have understood well because of their intimate link with it. Today, although we still employ this language, we are alienated from its true meaning because it no longer holds the same metaphorical potency. Water is piped underground to our residences, simply appearing when we turn the tap on: we no longer collect it ourselves as our ancestors did. We drink, wash, bathe, cook, swim- or observe fish in aquariums swimming- in it. We understand that water is essential for survival but we are not mindful of its centrality to life and its sources.

Ancient Europeans saw themselves as integral to Nature; their skins connected their total being- physical, mental, psychological, spiritual- with the whole of Nature in a great web of complex interactions- the web of Wyrd: Nature reflected us and vice versa. Conversely, most modern people see skin as a boundary between ‘me in here’ and ‘them out there,’ a hapless individual buffeted around by an impersonal world. We have consciously lost touch with the real importance of water to our lives- an importance we can reclaim immediately if we care to fish below ‘the tip of the iceberg.’

To begin to appreciate the mystery of water, consider some of these facts. Humanbeings cannot survive without water for longer than a few days: physically, we are 70-80% water: the brain is 85% water, the muscles 75%, blood is 90%, the liver 82% and the bones 22% water. Meanwhile, Earth’s surface is covered by approximately 80% water: instantly, we witness a connection. Water has well documented anomalous properties: it is more dense as a liquid than as a solid until it reaches 4°C; then it expands and as ice at 0°C, it gains 10% in volume and becomes less dense than in its liquid form. No two-ice crystals are identical in shape. Its weak hydrogen bonded structure means it transmutes easily between states and other chemicals, forming the ideal medium for speedy biological reactions, where minimum energy expenditure is crucial. Most importantly, water is particularly responsive to change between the temperatures of 35 and 40°C- the usual body temperatures of humans and other active animals. As a liquid, it still contains ice crystals that melt and reform millions of times per second: it ‘remembers’ its crystalline form. The dynamics of water motion also appear to have influenced organic expressions in the natural world: the tissue of the walls of the human heart spiral around it so that blood flowing through the vessels spirals too. These last three aspects of water- its affinity to our biology, its ‘memory’ and motion- are vital to a deeper comprehension of water’s real meaning to us.

Every substance has its own individual vibrational frequency: much like a blueprint, it resonates. Water molecules have positive and negative poles and behave like little magnets, which form sensitive cluster structures: vibrational influences thus impress upon them very easily. This is how homeopathy works and why increased dilution of a substance actually strengthens it: there is a greater resonance. Hence, water acts like a magnetic tape that stores information. Indeed, its sensitivity means that it stores information about planetary activity: a German engineer named Theodor Schwenk showed that in three otherwise identical bottles of agitated water (one prepared before an eclipse, one during and one after), wheat grains germinated differently. Those prepared before and after the eclipse germinated the wheat fastest. Needless to say, contemporary science maintains homeopathy cannot work and with ‘good’ reason: water retains the memory of the chemical toxins in our drinking water, even though it is chemically cleaned, so continues to make us ill! Even keeping purified water exposed to fluorescent lighting changes its properties: such water dries out the mucous membranes.

If we observe the action of a gentle breeze upon water, creasing it into tiny capillary waves and passing the impression rhythmically onto the whole mass, we must begin to understand water as a cosmic transmitting and receiving ‘sense organ.’ As a highly impressionable medium, even thoughts, words, music and prayer affect its ‘memory:’ if positive, it shows beautifully formed geometric designs in its crystalline pattern; its angstrom energy rises and thus, it contains more ‘light’ energy, which has been found to be a component of water from holy wells. If negative, polluted or treated, it forms distorted, random, crystalline structures. This is because everything- including thoughts- is energy, which creates resonance; and water ‘records’ it.

The motion of water is crucial: it needs vortex energy- Nature’s transformer and accumulator- to remove toxic imprints and restore its ‘lifeforce.’ Etheric energy moves in vortices, and physical matter (materialised etheric energy) seeks the same low resistance motion. This is called implosion- a suctional, centripetal, frictionless, spiralling, creative, cooling motion that moves matter inwards and leads to order; implosion is fundamental to the flow of blood, sap, air, natural water courses, tides and cosmic cycles. Conversely, humanity’s prevailing technologies use the explosive, centrifugal, outward bound, straight-line motions of heating, burning, pushing and radiating: we channel air, water and fuels into the type of motion Nature uses to decompose matter. Viktor Scauberger (1885-1958), an Austrian forest warden, observed that water is a living, rhythmic substance which, when left alone in wild meandering rivers and cooled by overhanging vegetation, has its own homeostatic mechanism, is disease free and life-giving; conversely, incorrectly handled water (from dams, confined canals and where deforestation has occurred) is dying water which harms animals, plants and fish. Tampering with the hydrological cycle (Nature’s circulatory system) reaps droughts, floods and extreme weather conditions. Water heals or harms, depending upon its treatment.

Water rules our second chakra/energy wheel, which is concerned with power, money, sex, control, fear, fighting, passion, self-esteem and inherited parental issues. Perhaps it is fair to say that the negative manifestations of these issues are at the root of most modern personal and collective problems. Is there any wonder then that humanity generally seems to be increasingly out of sync with Nature and evermore emotionally charged in a negative way? For our ‘e-motions’ (of which there are two basic types- love and fear) are our most powerful catalysts for changing our world around us: quite literally, visualisation, concentration and will form a vessel which can shape the world we experience through the mediation of atmospheric water. We are quite literally ‘tuning in’ and responding to Earth’s huge, watery memory bank. And by the law of attraction, we reap what we sow!

Yet, all that we need to know- past, present and future- is constantly available to us; for water is the container for the collective experiences of humanity, sometimes called the akashic records. Our ancestors knew this and consulted the mirror of the well for guidance. By innately comprehending the deeper implications of Wyrd’s multiverse and ‘opening up’ to the guidance offered by the water’s spirits, it is quite conceivable that they could ‘see’ the resonance of events mirrored across time by water and thus, into the future. Water probably also provides, in part at least, the ‘pathways’ for shamanic journeying and astral projection. In vision quests, shamans can take their vision down to the molecular level and gain information related to DNA. Their visions abound with accurate biological information expressed in terms of entwined serpents, twisted ladders, dragons and spirit beings. Often, their journey will begin by spiralling up or down a tunnel or something similar, which mirrors the common reports of near death experiences. Meanwhile, astral projection is a phenomenon common to everybody: sleep is disunion of the astral and physical body, where the astral double gathers energy and vitality from astral sources. This natural ability can be consciously harnessed and employed to travel in the astral body anywhere, as in ‘remote viewing’ used by secret services to glean information. Could these techniques involve riding the waves of resonance vibrating through water’s etheric level?

Vortex motion translates and resonates through water in a vessel like a tuning fork. The ideal shape of container for storing water is egg shaped, where this resonance reverberates indefinitely through the medium. Interestingly, the electromagnetic fields created by the whole human aura and Earth Herself are basically egg-shaped; and the notion of the cosmic egg pervades many world mythologies.

Odinists understand that ‘migrating birds are flown’ and ‘trout are swum’ (as Schauberger stated). Their ‘tuning forks obey Natural Law:’ the rune Laguz bears an uncanny resemblance to the rods used in water divination and attunes us to elemental water; meanwhile, each night, the three Norns paste Yggdrasil’s roots with a substance comprised of water from the Well of Wyrd and clay from its banks to keep them moist. The early morning dewdrops in Midgarth are emanations from this sacred source. Only by renewing ourselves daily in these healing well- waters and by rethinking the fundamental basis of our lives and technologies will we regain true wellbeing in Midgarth and extricate ourselves from our present cycle of destruction. For water is the Gods’ gift of guidance to humanity- a mirror that truthfully reflects our collective health and integrity.

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