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The Great Year

The Web of Wyrd is by no means a static construction. It is motion made manifest. The flashing patterns of energy within the heart of the atom, the wheeling dance of galaxies and stars, all is motion. It is within this concept of a cosmos in continual, rhythmic, patterned motion that the idea of the "Great Year" must be considered.

Another Site Reclaimed!

On a small mound, some yards from Cottington Road in the Cliffsend area of Thanet, Kent, stands a stone monument known as St. Augustine's Cross. The 'Celtic Style' cross bears an inscription which des­cribes the landing of this alien monk at nearby Richborough, where he "---on this spot met Ethelbert and preached his first sermon to our countrymen. A.D. 596".

Water – Nature’s Sensationally Reflective Medium

By Eowyn OR "No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it" -ALBERT EINSTEIN As great seafarers, water was a major aspect of our ancestor's lives and, as for us today, an essential element of physical survival. Water…