GWHS – Second Cleanup 19 March 2005


Second Cleanup 19 March 2005

The second meeting of the Guardians of the WHS took place on 19th March.

After gathering at a pub car park, we all made our way up to the site itself armed with wheelbarrows, bin bags, gloves and grabbers for litter picking. Since the area around the stone was well cleared last time, we went further up the path to be met by a huge pile of litter, rubble plastics, polystyrene and broken glass. This is the sad result of thoughtless morons who simply either cannot be bothered to take their rubbish to a tip, or who refuse to spend the £10 required for its removal- preferring instead to pollute Mother Jorth and their children’s health for years to come.

But undeterred by the apparent size of the task (as there was plenty of other litter in the surrounding area), everybody diligently set to work clearing the area, whilst a regular convoy of folk took loaded wheelbarrows and vans full of the rubbish down to the car park ready for the council to pick up. Some hours later, the area being worked was virtually litter free and the fantastic results can be seen in the photos Hengest has posted (thanks Hengest). This was then followed by a picnic and barbecue and finally an Ostara Blot, which also celebrated this wonderful achievement.

This was simply one of the best ways of celebrating Ostara and the rebirth of nature at this time of year: to clear her lands of the rubbish that poisons and threatens her to make way for the new awakening of the land is a very practical spiritual act. Litter is not simply a physical eyesore or even just a material poison: it pollutes at all levels with its negativity because it is an energy. It affects the energies of those that witness it, who then resonate this to others via their own (now polluted) energy fields which affects everyone’s perceptions negatively- in addition to the negative energies and blockages it sets up in the area. These energies are bound to affect the wildlife at all levels too. Conversely, a clear area resonates healthful and lifegiving energies to all and at all levels.

It was also a wonderful example of just what can be achieved when people work together for a worthy cause: 22 adults and children working together to combine real action, spiritual practise and worship, fun, meeting folk, celebrating Fran’s birthday plus the first anniversary of my profession and enjoying the sunshine into one afternoon is something the Rite can be truly proud of. We are a real movement with quality members who ‘walk their talk’ and advance faith, folk and family in very real ways.

I would like to thank all those folk- some who travelled a long way too- for all your hard work and dedication. Without your efforts, that monstrous pile of rubbish would still be sitting there creating havoc in its wake. Hael to all you folk and be truly proud.

A full report will appear in the summer edition of ORB. Meanwhile, others might like to consider organising something similar in their own area. If you need any help or advice on this, please do not hesitate to contact either myself ( or Asrad ( and we’ll do our best to help you.

Hael to the Folk of the Odinic Rite
Hael Ostara and the New awakening
Eowyn OR
Environmental Concerns Officer

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