Vaccination: Venom of Jormungandr

By Eowyn OR

“The germ is nothing: the soil is everything” – LOUIS PASTEUR’S DEATH-BED RECANTATION

There is a common assumption held by many Odinists and non-Odinists alike that vaccination gives Mother Nature a ‘helping hand’ by strengthening our immune systems against viruses and bacteria. Medical Establishment cries to “Vaccinate or Die” and their manipulation of information has coerced millions of people into partaking of vaccination programmes that are measurably lethal to ourselves and our offspring; and it is the evidence from orthodox medical researchers’ own findings that damns them.

The concept of vaccination is fundamentally flawed and rests upon several self-evident ‘myths:’

1/ Edward Jenner’s vaccine saved Britain and the world from smallpox. In May 1796, an apothecary named Edward Jenner inoculated James Phillips with the lymph from a cowpox vesicle on the hand of a dairymaid then, that June, with smallpox, in response to the dairymaids’ superstition that having cowpox confers immunity against smallpox. He renamed cowpox Variolae Vaccinae’ (smallpox of the cow) and announced his discovery to the medical establishment. Earlier, there had been much criticism of inoculation procedures and by 1840, a ban on inoculation under threat of imprisonment because of smallpox outbreaks from the practice. Thus, revenue and kudos were lost by the medics- a situation they were anxious to reverse: Jenner’s apparently non-infectious process was embraced with verve and vaccination from then onwards was protected from enquiry and criticism, whilst misleading statistics were accepted and failures hushed (Jenner vaccinated his own son around twenty times: his son died in his early twenties).

Dr Hadwen reported the case of a man who had smallpox as an infant and was vaccinated three times:

“That man died of smallpox…when the official report was published…owing to his having the eruption so badly as to cover his vaccination marks, he was actually declared “unvaccinated”.”

In 1871-2, the UK experienced a peak of 42,000 deaths from a smallpox epidemic; graphs show that smallpox was in rapid decline from the mid 1860’s and should have virtually disappeared by the 1870’s; instead, it remained into the 1920’s. Those areas that managed to reject vaccination- relying instead upon sanitation and hygiene- had the lowest rates for smallpox. In 1903, the USA seized the Philippines and enforced a countrywide vaccination drive upon a people for whom smallpox was virtually unknown; by 1905 an epidemic that lasted until 1923 had broken out. Reports were suppressed to make it appear that General Wood had ‘ended the scourge…’ of smallpox. The legacy of 15 years of intensive vaccination included 47,000 cases of smallpox (16,000 deaths from it alone in 1918), 93,000 malaria cases, influenza 91,000, TB 80,000, dysentery, cholera and typhus together 70,000. Before vaccination, there were no lepers on any of the Hawaiian Islands; by the nineties, 10% of the natives were lepers. Smallpox has not been eradicated.

2/ Germs cause disease and vaccines confer immunity. Germs are the result, not the cause of disease. Indeed, a Dr George White stated that “if germ theory were founded on facts, there would be no living being to read what’s written.” It is lack of immunity which causes disease. So what exactly is ‘immunity?’ It is our capacity to deal with unwanted disturbances within our environment; thus, it is a whole body phenomenon- physical, mental, psychological, emotional. Living creatures maintain a dynamic equilibrium in harmony with their changing environment: a healthy organism will adapt promptly and efficiently. Hans Seyle (1978) called this process General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS): it is a universal process in every cell that is dependent on our nervous system. When the balancing act doesn’t succeed immediately, the organism acquires symptoms- signals that represent the total response to a given insult. Homeopathy considers all diseases as general and does not speak of local diseases; hence, treatment is based upon individual constitution, ‘The Law of Similars’ and ‘The Single Remedy.’ Conversely, allopathy speaks of target organs and will attempt to treat several conditions at once. Homeopathy teaches that the natural process and the stages of a client’s illness must be respected and allowed to run their course; otherwise, acute conditions can be made chronic. Infectious agents enter via the mouth, nose and skin, which are instrumental in the immunological process. Hering’s Law of the ‘Movement of Symptoms’ states symptoms of disease have a cycle, moving from the surface of the body to the interior, from the lower part of the body to the upper and from less vital to the more vital organs. Thus, correctly managed treatment will move the symptoms in the exact reverse order (i.e. from the more vital organs to the less vital etc.). Vaccination bypasses all these natural cycles by introducing foreign material directly into the bloodstream, giving the substance immediate access to vital organs without any obvious way of removing it. Vaccines also create atypical illness: in typical measles, the rash appears on the forehead, trunk and moves to the extremities. In vaccinated subjects, it produces high fever, pneumonia, pleural effusions, atypical rash distribution (hands and feet) and much increased risk of mortality. The measles vaccine sensitises the vaccinated children to the virus and, by pushing it deeper into the body, attacks the vital organs. So too with atypical mumps. Mumps or measles meningitis are triggered by mumps and measles vaccines: there is ample medical literature showing this. Meanwhile, no vaccine immunises: all merely sensitise the organism and often provoke the very diseases they are meant to protect against in more serious form. Indeed, if vaccines worked, why are ‘boosters’ needed? This theory is based upon the idea that a high level of antibodies are needed: not so. An organism can have a high level of immunity with few antibodies or vice versa. In a recent lecture, Dr Kris Gaublomme from Belgium cited the example of a nurse who was regularly complimented on her growing pregnancy. In fact, this nurse had received six vaccinations against hepatitis B because she showed no antibodies: her ‘pregnancy’ was an enlarged liver from vaccine-induced cirrhosis. Vaccines and pills don’t protect us from disease- a strong constitution and immune system, cleanliness and fresh organic food do.

3/ Conditions such as measles, polio etc are dangerous and need to be wiped out. Mumps, measles, polio, rubella etc are relatively mild entities in their own right and will not damage or kill any child who is in reasonable health. Indeed, they have always been known as beneficial due to their cleansing of inherited and acquired disease tendencies and toxins and priming of the immune system. Measles, chickenpox and mumps parties used to be a rite of passage for many children and exposure to these diseases was a further stage in the maturation of the immune system, beginning with that conferred by the mother through breastfeeding. Any attempt to suppress this process- especially the inflammatory aspects- encourages complications later in life. Many of these so-called ‘scourges’ probably incorporate further benefits: having mumps as a child may confer protection against ovarian cancer later in life. Even the oft cited risks of contracting rubella during pregnancy are exaggerated: Hilary Butler of the Immunisation Awareness Society has commented that ‘The reality is that most babies survive rubella “defect-free”’. Unfortunately, vaccination has denied women the chance of acquiring natural immunity from rubella and raised the risks of contracting it during pregnancy.

Childhood diseases are an integral part of our life cycle and its inherent vitality. These ‘challenges’ must be fought and conquered in childhood, otherwise they do not bring about the required changes; they will not help us at puberty and indeed, are often dangerous thereafter. Already children are devoid of their rightful immunity- because their parents were vaccinated. And we are seeing more serious illnesses and disabilities in younger people, probably because they were denied the beneficial ‘side-effects’ of childhood illnesses that would be protective in adulthood. Viruses and bacteria have always been a part of life’s symbiotic relationship with Mother Earth; indeed, we wouldn’t be here without their plethora of benefits. We cannot meddle with Nature’s cycles and just ‘wipe them out’ without inviting a medical nemesis.

4/ Vaccines are safe. Vaccines are highly noxious substances comprised of bacterial or viral agents in a toxic solvent:

DPT contains: diphtheria bacterium, pertussis organisms, tetanus toxoid, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, formaldehyde, hydrochloric acid, mercury, aluminium

MMR contains: live measles and mumps viruses grown in chick embryo cultures, live rubella virus grown in foetus medium, neomycin, sorbitol, hydrolysed gelatine

Polio-live 3 types grown in monkey cell tissue (linked to cancer), calf serum, neomycin, streptomycin, sorbitol

Hepatitis B: part of the hepatitis B gene, aluminium hydroxide. Mercury, formaldehyde

Hepatitis B was derived from the blood of homosexual men until stocks ran out; now it is derived from injecting drug users. Typhoid vaccine derives from human excrement; MMR used gelatine from cattle until it was quietly changed to pig gelatine: how many millions of children were injected with BSE-infected gelatine?

‘…alien viruses, injected into the body, fuse with healthy cells and continue to replicate along with those cells…the immune system…can no longer differentiate…foreign proteins…injected directly into the bloodstream….are able to change our genetic structure…viral vaccines…contain pure genetic material…from a foreign organism…the new genetic material is incorporated into the invaded cells.’ (‘Vaccines.’ Miller N. (New Atlantean Press), 1992).

Even killed (attenuated) bacteria can become virulent through passage into humans. Research shows without a shadow of doubt causal links between vaccination and cancer, leukaemia, multiple sclerosis, autism, ADD, ADHD, lupus, mental retardation, blindness, asthma, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, encephalitis, paralysis, TB, cot death, shaken baby syndrome, liver, kidney and heart failure, diabetes, arthritis, meningitis, glue-ear, learning difficulties, allergies, auto-immune disorders: the list is endless.

In fact, all vaccinated individuals are vaccine-damaged; it is merely a question of time and degree as to the outcome. Thus, every vaccine received is a medical experiment.

5/ Vaccines are responsible for the decline in infectious illnesses: Epidemics follow natural cycles: once 67% of the population has been exposed, diseases die out. Numerous charts show that vaccines have usually been introduced after die-out has established itself naturally (see graphs). On the contrary, vaccines often delay this process and cause unnecessary harm to individuals.

Vaccination is multi-billion dollar industry: the entire search for a vaccine and cure for AIDS is one huge hoax. By grouping together twenty-five-plus diseases and other allied factors (many from vaccine damage in the first place), calling them ‘AIDS’ and assigning blame to the harmless retrovirus HIV (that isn’t unlike numerous others we possess), a huge pharmaceutical treatment and research scam has been honed. It also allows social culling: by naming certain groups as ‘high risk’ and using a fraudulent AIDS test to ‘diagnose’ positive individuals, the immune-wrecking drug AZT is prescribed; continued use leads to death. Vaccines have also been used as vehicles for sterility. Meanwhile, annual boosters for our pets are the top earner for vets and powerful drug companies. Pedigree animals have to be vaccinated for breeding, shows etc yet, are notoriously weak, often dying of tumours: why? Whilst individual vets are unlikely to consciously harm animals, there are powerful educational, social and economic barriers in place to prevent objective analysis of their situation: this is ‘professionalism.’ The same applies to doctors who administer annual flu jabs after which epidemics sweep the country. Doctors regularly receive handsome handouts for achieving vaccination targets set by drug companies.

It is tempting to assign the entire vaccination assault to financial lust, naivety, arrogant ‘scientific’ systematisation and gross incompetence. It is alarming enough that the World Health Organisation writes a document blatantly outlining the coalition between the pharmaceutical industry, research establishments, media and pressure groups to make vaccination a viable global business venture. Unfortunately, the truth seems far more sinister. The mechanism by which most vaccine damage apparently occurs is through destruction of the myelination process around the nerves (i.e. formation of the protective protein) and subsequent encephalitis (minimal brain damage- MBD).

“Vaccination causes brain palsy (numb areas of the brain) and, consequently, reduces our ability to think laterally. It creates a need to follow rules and regulations.” (–Catherine O’Driscoll).

MBD’s fall into three categories: the medically dependent due to disability, violent individuals and the easily programmable. We witness an epidemic of lawlessness (with the predicted public response of “something must be done” allowing evermore state infringement on our rights): just look at our schools and on our streets! Our educational system- backed by media propaganda- nurtures left-brained dominance and the storage of so-called ‘facts’ that perpetuate the status quo to the severe detriment of our right-brained intuitive, psychic, creative and instinctive selves- our conscience in fact. The physical brain is the gateway to the spiritual subconscious, superconscious, conscious and psychic levels of awareness. Vaccine-induced brain damage creates emotional vacuity: who are the most vaccinated people? Medics, politicians and businessmen. Hence, who are most at risk of MBD’s? And who runs our institutions? This is the self-perpetuating Hegelian state (see ‘Odinism and the Occult’ by William A Fauill) run by the power-lusting elite these institutions mask. Could this possibly be the crux of why humanity appears to have strayed ‘off course’ in relation to the greater cosmic cycles of time?

Jormungandr the world serpent has already injected a venom into our folk’s blood- our soil, our gift. This venom narcotises, binds us to materialism and illusion, preventing us from attaining Odin consciousness. Worse still, it has already weakened our successors- directly by vaccinating them and indirectly by reducing the immunity we could otherwise gift genetically -because of our own vaccinations: a physical, emotional, mental and psychic plague replaces it. Ultimately, might this not hinder the individual’s ‘Gard in Odin’ and their subsequent journey through Hel? Might it not therefore erode our very folk consciousness and progress ever further with each cycle of rebirth? Is this outcome intended?

It is time to awake- fast! We must reject vaccinations and all other polluting attempts to dissect us from multiversal reality. For if we vaccinate ourselves and our children, will we ever truly be able to guarantee our minds’ are our’s- ever again?

May Eira heal and protect us.
May Odin guide us.
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  1. Sha says:

    I have always personally been against vaccinations just for the idea that they are forced on people. I believe that the “church” of Scientology made a legal basis of there beliefs to resist getting children vaccinated but do we have any way of resisting public school’s mandate on vaccinating children before they are allowed in school? Not including homeschooling that is.

  2. Brandon webb says:

    Great article! With the latest outbreaks this subject has come up in many conversations and have had to convince many uneducated that I am not abusing my children buy refusing these poisons!

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