True Potential

by Redwald AOR

One of the most frustrating realisations one can have on the journey towards personal enlightenment comes in the moments we pause, look around and see the lack of ambition in our fellow man. The anger this generates in me can be quite overwhelming, as I’m sure it is with other members of the Odinic Rite.

Some organisations, indeed many organisations – religious and otherwise – actually exist to hold back the masses. An obvious example is Christianity. The generally accepted Christian message of turning one’s back to the Devil is, on the face of things, a positive message. That is, until one scratches the surface and begins to understand that the Christian ‘Devil’ is referred to in many guises. The Church demonises Odin, a seeker of knowledge and wisdom, and a common name for the Christian Devil is Lucifer; himself a banished demi-god who sought enlightenment and felt the wrath of Jehovah for this un-Christian act.

In the realm of the secular State, the ideology of Communism, which also comes in many guises, offers the non-religious man an opportunity not to miss out on a similar striving towards being an utter imbecile.

Ambition towards the enlightenment of the soul is a sin. That is the overriding message of modern civilised society.

Perhaps our masters, religious and political, believe that enlightenment should be shared amongst the privileged few, and that the common man does not warrant this power. And if it appears that too many people are seeking enlightenment for themselves, then that trend must be crushed at all costs.

What arrogance!

Even many of these so-called ‘enlightened’ souls are mere pawns. The Priests, Rabbi’s, politicians and other leaders of international affairs would likely crumble to their knees (if we can assume they were standing erect in the first place) should they hear any one of a number of Primal Truths. Indeed, they cannot even listen to the beginning of a truthful statement without reacting in a violent outburst or turning away.

Imagine the reaction of 99% of our civilised society should one super-impose an image of our Swastika over the sweeping curls of the Milky Way only to find that a striking resemblance became apparent.

This short article is an attempt to awaken readers towards a higher level of consciousness. Our true potential has been concealed from us, but our forefathers held more truths than we currently realise. However, those who would hold us back perhaps do not fully understand the power of our ancestral memory; a memory which can reveal great things should one take the time to delve deeply into the subconscious mind and unlock that which is hidden.

Our ability is within us – external stimuli can help unravel our inner mysteries, but ultimately we have the truth locked inside our soul.

Once this becomes apparent, one finds there is nothing to fear from those who seek to suppress us. The power we hold is immense. We can change what appears to be the ‘outside world’ with vision and willpower, for Wyrd dictates that all is not separate from ourselves.

We are as much the Swastika as we are our own fingers and toes.

Search deeply, as did Odin.