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Ostara Tulip Coloring Page

Printable tulip coloring page suitable for all ages with text from The Odinic Rite Book of Blotar Ostara Summer Finding Blot.

Ostara: Dot to Dot

Draw a line from one number to the next in numerical order to reveal the hidden Ostara oriented picture!

Ostara, by Odin (age 10, AH London)

OstaraThis is how Odin sees our Goddess Ostara. He says his thoughts are based on the representation of Spring in the Disney animation "The Firebird" from Fantasia.

Ostara: Hop Race

Tri-hop-athon Game All you need is kids and the outdoors.

Ostara: Egg Relay

A fun activity for children at Ostara or any time!

Ostara: Living Ostara Baskets

What better way to honor fair and gentle Ostara, than to leave a natural nest for her Hare! In times past, our Folk left out a nest for Ostara’s Hare to leave colorful eggs and goodies as a reward for good behavior. Children would wake up Ostara morning to find Ostara’s Bunny eggs in their nests!

Ostara: A Child’s Invocation

Odin and Ostara, lead me in the ways of the Gods....

A Time of Creation

CONTRARY to what one might expect the most creative period of the year is winter rather than spring or summer. Ostara is a period of manifestation, of the coming into form of various things. Winter Finding is the entrance to creativity…

GWHS – Second Cleanup 19 March 2005

Second Cleanup 19 March 2005 The second meeting of the Guardians of the WHS took place on 19th March. After gathering at a pub car park, we all made our way up to the site itself armed with wheelbarrows, bin bags, gloves and grabbers for…