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Navigating the Maelstrom – Part 2: Toddlers and Preschoolers

By Hyndla OR In the prior article we covered our family’s experiences with infants. Whenever something is written, some things are forgotten, and I wanted to cover a few things before moving on to Toddlers and Preschoolers.

Navigating the Maelstrom – Part 1

By Hyndla OR My purpose with these series of articles is to hopefully give parents my point of view on parenting and help them be better parents. I don’t intend to preach at parents or say my way is the best way, but I can say we have had much success and have raised our children from birth to maturity as Odinists. My sincerest hope is that it holds value for someone!

Defining Normal: Parenting children with special needs from a Folkish perspective.

Finding out that your child is different or special needs can be a very difficult thing to accept. It’s normal to feel frustrated, overwhelmed, sad, and even experience feelings of guilt – that you somehow caused this on them. However it is important to keep focused on your child and what you can personally do help them overcome their obstacles.

About AH Health

applesIn cooperation and conjunction with the OR Guardians page, we offer Health information specific to the Odinist family. Although we are not doctors, we are whole health practitioners as well as experienced parents that have used each and every remedy or treatment personally.

Summer Tea

Does the thought of hot tea, just make you cringe? How about getting those much needed immune building herbs through Sun Tea and Iced tea?

The Law of Similars

In today’s age of increasing doctor visits, an unhealthy populace struggles to find ways to stay healthy. The lack of consistent information leaves the public confused. When the public is confused they will always fall back on what is comfortable and “the way it has always been”. This is wherein steps Homeopathic Medicine.

Whole Health

In order to build a strong future for our Folk, we need to BE a strong Folk now. Building a healthy Folk won’t happen when our Folk continually smoke, drink, and eat poorly and then take many medications to try and skate past illness.

Health by Essential Oils

Essential Oils are everywhere; they are in fruit peels, the leaves of our herbs, flowers, nuts, tree barks, roots and even seeds. They hold the key to good health of which our ancestors have held for centuries.

The Varicella Vaccine

The Varicella Vaccine is the vaccine used to vaccinate against chicken pox. In the following you will understand what Chicken pox is, it’s threat to children, the pros and cons of the vaccine and the opinion of the author. It is my attempt to give you the reader information to make the best possible decision for you child.

Smallpox Vaccination

The official gives you a time and place to get a small pox vaccination and has one for every member of your family with a warning that non-compliance will result in incarceration. You are dumbfounded. Did we just enter 1984?

Destroying Young Minds

Nowadays, more and more parents are doing the wrong things to make their child rearing easier.  Many years ago the solutions for minor psychological problems were seeing a psychotherapist or psychiatrist to figure out the problem and working…

Too Sick for School?

From sniffles to swollen glands, when to keep your kids at home plagues every parent!