The Law of Similars

Through the like, disease is produced, and through the application of the like it is cured. ~Hippocrates


In today’s age of increasing doctor visits, an unhealthy populace struggles to find ways to stay healthy. The lack of consistent information leaves the public confused. When the public is confused they will always fall back on what is comfortable and “the way it has always been”. This is wherein steps Homeopathic Medicine. As Heathens, we should seriously study this form of healing. It takes into account many of the truths of our Ways. It compliments what we already know of how the mind, body, and soul work together to create health. In the following, an overview of what homeopathic medicine is and how it works. This is only a cursory study of a very immense amount of information. Healing is a spiritual matter, take this information and build on it with your runic meditations as well as your herbal healing! All information will be cited so the reader may look into this amazing bit of medical history and its possibilities for the individual and family.

What is Homeopathic Medicine?

When first looking into homeopathy, there were many misconceptions. It was thought that homeopathy was a type of herbal medicine, but it used the combinations of herbals that were diluted immensely, or that they just used numerous herbals. This is only partially true. In actuality, homeopathy uses animal, mineral, and herbal constituents to comprise its medicines. It, also, takes into account the recipients whole health from family history to family life and makes a diagnosis. Homeopathic medicine is a natural pharmaceutical science. Let us begin with the basic principles of homeopathy.

Homeopathic medicine uses what is called “the law of similars”. A homeopathic doctor looks for a substance, which in overdose produces similar symptoms to those in the sick person. This means that symptoms of an illness are matched with a substance that creates similar symptoms when overdosed. For instance, if a person is allergic to cats, this cause runny nose, red, irritated eyes, and scratchy throat. A substance is found that causes similar symptoms (runny nose, etc…) then it is given in small, safe doses to the individual with the symptoms.

The doses are created through a dilution process called potentization. The process begins wherein one part of a substance is diluted with 99 parts distilled water or ethyl alcohol, and then is shaken vigorously. Next, one part of the resulting solution is then mixed with 99 parts of distilled water or ethyl alcohol and then shaken again. This continues till the physician has the strength desired. The most common strengths are 3, 6, 9, 12, 30, 200, 1,000, 10,000, 50,000, or 100,000. Homeopathic medicine use a “C” to denote the 1:99 dilutions, the “X” to denote how many times the above process is repeated, such as 9x means it went through the above process 9 times. When the medicine is labeled “LM” it means 1:50,000 dilutions.

Although this may sound absurd, it must be noted that the basic principle of homeopathy is used by allopathic (traditional) doctors and pharmaceuticals. Some examples would be using Ritalin in cases of hyperactivity. In a normal person, Ritalin causes hyperactivity, but in a hyperactive person it calms him or her. Another example, Digitalis creates heart conditions, but in a person with heart conditions it actually helps! There are many examples that stretch back thousands of years, with such ideas as “that which make sick shall heal” (Delphic Oracle). Also Guido Von List relates, “Harbor the All in yourself, and you will control the All!”, or even “A gift calls for another” (Larrington,1999), there are many examples of this pattern inherent in Runic Divination and Meditation. Heathens use the “Law of Similars” in many facets of study. The Havamal is throughout examples of this practice, so this practice is nothing new. This sounds fantastic to the layman, but it is a sound medical practice, as well as a sound life practice. Although the allopathic have employed this age old theory to an extent, it is only half the answer. For what sets homeopathy apart, is the individualized treatment and the diluted doses.

When one visits a homeopathic doctor, he or she will not have the typical 3-minute visit found in the mainstream medical community. Instead, he or she will have an in depth interview delving into every facet of their lives. Moods, preferences, symptoms, diet, home-life, genetic disposition, etc… will be examined. The individual is assessed to give an individual cure. Homeopathy recognizes that each person is unique and has individual needs. This is where modern medicine has failed to meet the standard of homeopathy. The homeopath believes that every facet of the individual affects their health or lack of it. Next, the small, safe doses prescribed set it far apart from the allopathic community.

The dosage is the controversy with homeopathy. Critics contend that the extreme dilutions render the medicine inactive. This is where homeopathy moves into more of the spiritual rather than the scientific. Homeopaths believe that even the most diluted medicine, even no longer containing a single molecule of the original substance, still has an imprint of the substance, a pattern, a “something” still remains. Much like the resonance of a “C” note on a piano resonates much longer after the note has ceased to be played. As a Heathen, this sounds very familiar, much like the Spirit of our Ancestors and their practices resonate in our Souls for hundreds of generations later. We know of this intense power, so when studying the spiritual side of homeopathy, their theory isn’t so fantastic. To combine homeopathic medicine with runic healing would be a powerful combination considering both take into account the individual and actually accent the bodies healing abilities rather than trying to subvert them. An interesting fact is studies have shown that even when a placebo (inactive substance given to subjects unknowingly) is given in contrast to the extremely diluted homeopathic medicine, startling results occur. Many times it was observed that the more it was diluted the better it worked. Citing that the minuteness of the substance could penetrate even further into the ill person and affect more change. Although controversial in the allopathic medical community, the amazing power of the body to our way is not so controversial.(

Homeopathy has endured the ages. Still many misconceptions remain. The remainder of this piece is dedicated to facts regarding homeopathy, resources for further study, and the authors opinion.

Questions and Answers:

Are homeopaths real doctors, how do they become homeopaths?

Homeopaths are real doctors that go through medical schools just as any doctor you would see regularly, but instead of furthering studies in a specialized or general allopathic medicine, they choose to follow up with homeopathic medicine at a homeopathic college. This is very similar with Naturopaths as well. Many times a doctor is both a Homeopath and a Naturopath.

If homeopathy is individualized, why are there over-the-counter homeopathic remedies?

This is due to similar patterns in symptoms. Many people share common symptoms and ailments, such as allergy to cat fur. Medications sold over-the-counter many times have the symptoms that are treated with the medicine on the label. Also, an individual MUST have those symptoms to have a result from the medicine. In the case of misdiagnosis, the worst that will happen is that that the remedy won’t work. For instance, if one has no allergy to cat fur, then giving him or her a remedy that mirrors the symptoms of the allergy won’t do anything except waste their money. This is the reason homeopaths suggest visiting a homeopath, so that proper diagnosis and cure is given.

Why isn’t homeopathy more popular?

Actually homeopathy is seemingly popular everywhere else, BUT America. Around the turn of the 20th century about 15% of all doctors were homeopaths; this was a threat to allopathic medicine clinically, philosophically, and (probably most importantly) financially. Since homeopaths are real doctors, the old “witch doctor” or “crack pot”, or “uneducated in medicine” label wouldn’t fit, so the allopathic medical community, specifically the American Medical Association, applied terrific pressure on homeopathic schools’ funding sources, and even threatened loss of membership to any physicians that consulted homeopaths. Regardless of pressure, homeopathy is used extensively across Europe, Asia, North (minus Canada and USA) America, South America, and South Africa.

Is it Legal?

Yes! And physicians are usually medical school graduates with a degree in homeopathy. There are homeopaths that are not ‘doctors’, but their expertise in homeopathy has made them very good practitioners. There are also dentist, podiatrists, psychologists, veterinarians, etc…that are homeopaths.

Is it safe?

The dosages that are used in homeopathy render it extremely safe. They are recognized by the F.D.A. as “over-the-counter” drugs, so they can be bought without a prescription. Also they are regulated by the F.D.A, so you know you are getting what the label says you’re getting.

Can I use conventional medicines at the same time as homeopathic medicines?

Yes, it is possible. The problem comes in when the conventional medicine is too strong and inhibits the homeopathic medicine. In these situations the individual may have to make a choice between the two, with their homeopaths and allopath’s guidance. ( )

Authors Opinion

As an herbal medicine practitioner and Heathen, I found this subject completely fascinating. Many things made me rethink how healing is done. This also rang so true with all that I learn regarding our Ancient and modern ways. After researching this subject, I looked at the Havamal and many things for that matter with new eyes. Although it didn’t change any fundamental ideals, it did create awareness about how to more efficiently help the body to heal and how this form of healing can be combined with runic healing. It was intriguing how our body works with every other natural resource including our very Soul to create health. Also, how many of our natural responses are embodied in the ‘law of similars’, such as “misery loves company”. Also in the quote from Paracelsus, a well know 15 century physician and alchemist, “You there bring together the same anatomy of the herbs and the same anatomy of the illness into one order. This simile gives you understanding of the way in which you shall heal.” One with our nature! Being one with the nature in which they lived was essential to survival.

We as a Folk need to start looking for ways to become independent and become “one with nature” again in order to survive and be self-reliant. Homeopathic medicine is a proven medicine with hundreds if not thousands of years of success.

Kathy, Donar’s Hearth OR

To find out more on homeopathic medicine:
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