Summer Tea

Does the thought of hot tea, just make you cringe? How about getting those much needed immune building herbs through Sun Tea and Iced tea?

The Law of Similars

In today’s age of increasing doctor visits, an unhealthy populace struggles to find ways to stay healthy. The lack of consistent information leaves the public confused. When the public is confused they will always fall back on what is comfortable and “the way it has always been”. This is wherein steps Homeopathic Medicine.

Whole Health

In order to build a strong future for our Folk, we need to BE a strong Folk now. Building a healthy Folk won’t happen when our Folk continually smoke, drink, and eat poorly and then take many medications to try and skate past illness.

Health by Essential Oils

Essential Oils are everywhere; they are in fruit peels, the leaves of our herbs, flowers, nuts, tree barks, roots and even seeds. They hold the key to good health of which our ancestors have held for centuries.