About AH Health

applesIn cooperation and conjunction with the OR Guardians page, we offer Health information specific to the Odinist family.

Although we are not doctors, we are whole health practitioners as well as experienced parents that have used each and every remedy or treatment personally.

All information is not designed to treat or cure any illness, but to act in support of any scope of treatment from your healthcare provider. We hope to assist families in navigating the convoluted world of modern healthcare and to offer peace of mind regarding their own health outlook.

Also, parents will find the nuts and bolts of herbal self help and whole health practices. As with much of the world, it is important to strike a balance regarding such complex issues, so please explore and educate yourself regarding your families Health, and also, please share your findings with your OR Family as well as the whole community!

Thank you!
Faith, Folk, Family!
Acorn Hollow

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