Think of this scenario, you are sitting in your home enjoying your day and a government official comes to your door. You answer it not fearing anything; you haven’t done anything wrong, so why should you? The official gives you a time and place to get a small pox vaccination and has one for every member of your family with a warning that non-compliance will result in incarceration. You are dumbfounded. Did we just enter 1984? Sound terrific? It should. It should also be known this very legislation is on the floor in Congress! Also, the vaccine they want to force on every citizen in the U.S.A. is not even tested for safety or efficacy! Basically, we would be one large scientific experiment! Now that I have everyone’s attention, lets find out about Smallpox and its threat, or lack there of!

The Birth of Vaccination

Vaccination comes from the word vacc, which means cow. This vaccination was actually made with cowpox. Variolation is inoculation with small pox (variola) and vaccination is inoculation with cowpox.

This was introduced by Edward Jenner, considered the father of vaccination, in 1796 when he inoculated 8 year old James Phipps with puss from a dairymaid with cowpox, an shortly after with pus from a smallpox victim. Phipps died from Tuberculosis (TB) at age 20. This same procedure was used on Jenner’s own son, who also died of TB at age 21. This is the beginning of the Smallpox Vaccine history. Jenner found that dairymaids who had, had cowpox (a disease from the nipples of cows that is much like smallpox) didn’t get smallpox. He assumed that the cowpox was protecting them from smallpox. He went from there and started a study where he used human guinea pigs to test his theory with devastating results. Not only did the above boys die at an early age, small pox actually began to rise after a steady decline prior to vaccination. How did Jenner’s theory take hold? Well like most practices that are now commonplace it was introduced by the Aristocracy.

“The death of Queen Anne’s only child changed the line of British succession, and emphasized in England the importance of controlling this type of natural factor in an effort to protect political and economic stability.”

  • 1718 Lady Mary Wortley Montagu has her son inoculated.
  • 1719 Smallpox kills 3229 people in London, mostly children. (pop 300,000)
  • 1721 Lady Mary’s son inoculated 6 condemned prisoners inoculated in exchange for a stay of execution dozens of orphan children inoculated.
  • 1722 Prince and Princess of Wales and their children inoculated. Reverend Mather writes pamphlet suggesting the procedure.

Then just as now, the rich dictated public policy rather than the public need or wishes dictating public policy. This is only how Jenner gained acceptance by frightening the rich people. Then he went about experimenting on the poor. Jenner left a trail of small pox desolation in his wake. By 1840, many of his barbaric practices were banned in many countries only to be picked back up for simple profit at the turn of 19th (1900) century.

The Birth of Profit

With compulsory vaccination, comes compulsory profit. Jenner gave the medical industry what it needed to become a booming business. The small pox vaccine allowed drug companies to gain a strangle hold of the populace through government mandate and the scare tactics of “if you don’t vaccinate, your child will get small pox and die!” What parents wants that to happen? Playing on the hysterics of the mass, the medical community (funded by drug companies) has been able to force generations upon generations to get vaccinated. (

The Birth of AIDS and HIV

“On May 11th 1987, the London Times ran a front-page story, headlines, “SMALLPOX VACCINE TRIGGERED AIDS VIRUS”. The gist of the story was that, somehow, the World Health Organization (WHO) in its efforts to eradicate smallpox in the third world had triggered millions of AIDS cases in Africa, Haiti, and Brazil. A WHO adviser said:
“I thought it was lust [sic] a coincidence until we studied the latest findings about the reactions which can be caused by Vaccination. Now I believe the smallpox vaccine theory is the explanation to The AIDS explosion”.
Does this sound unbelievable? Well believe it! The small pox vaccine they concocted in green monkey kidneys and picked up the AIDS and HIV viruses from the monkey. This is the same vaccine the government is about to mandate for EVERY citizen in the United States!!
Protection From, Recognition, and Treatment of Small Pox
Small pox is a disease of filth. It flourishes where people don’t have clean water, proper sewage systems, and hygienic practices. Similarly, the diet of an individual greatly affects the devastation (or lack there of ) of the illness. First and foremost, one must live a clean and healthy life in order to maintain health. (
“[Small pox is] an acute infectious disease characterized by pronounced skin eruptions. The eruptions have four stages: papule, vesicle, pustule, and crust. When the crust forms, it comes off, leaving a pit in the skin. In confluent types of the disease the scar is most pronounced, sometimes destroying otherwise good features.”
This is what small pox is in a nutshell. Anyone can get it, but it thrives in unsanitary conditions and in unhealthy people. It is particularly dangerous in the very old and the very young. Although it is not particular to any race, it often occurred in uncivilized populations (third world countries) primarily because of the unsanitary conditions and poor diet.
There are three kinds of small pox discrete, confluent, and the hemorrhagic variety. The discrete form is where the pustules are isolated and do not run together. The confluent form is where the surface is a mass of pustules all run together. The hemorrhagic variety is called black smallpox, because the hemorrhage into the skin turns it black. When receiving proper treatment only the first form develops.
The first symptoms are a distinct backache and fever with “shot-like” objects felt under the skin prior to any noticed redness or signs of the actual pox. The backache can be accompanied by headache and vomiting, but this only lasts the first 24 hours. If only the first form is encountered this is the extent of the uncomfortable ness of the illness. The illness ends with the pustules breaking up and drying up in the third week. In the case of confluent the crust remains for a long time and leaves a deep scar.
Complications can show up in any of the mucus membranes, lungs, bowels and eyes. Bright’s disease may follow small pox. Men’s and women’s reproductive organs may become inflamed. There will be no complications if the patient is treated properly.
Proper treatment starts with isolation. Patients must not occupy the same room. The patient should get as much fresh air as possible. It should be treated in tents outside. For backache, the patient should take warm baths. This also makes the rough skin more pliable. It is recommended to give enemas nightly using 2 quarts of water.
The patient can only have water, absolutely no food, at the onset of the illness. This should be kept up until the fever is gone completely. If food is given the patient will have diarrhea and could worsen the disease. After that and in the first week if the patient is progressing well, he or she may start with very light meals, slowly introducing them into a regular diet.
It is imperative that around the patient’s eyes, nose, ears and all other outlets of the body. This can be easily taken care of with daily baths. The baths in conjunction with olive oil on the skin will relieve the rough skin and make it more pliable.
Any herbal treatments or homeopathic remedies that address the symptom can be administered, but only with supervision of a Naturopathic or Homeopathic doctor.


It may seem unnecessary to worry about a “dead” disease, but if history has shown us anything is that with mass vaccination against small pox has brought mass epidemics. If we want to be prepared we will heed histories lessons. There is a Bill on the floor of Congress right now that is pushing for mass vaccination against small pox and not for free. We will have to pay for our government-mandated disease. It is hoped that the reader will take this article and research, question, and answer any and all concerns regarding small pox and its real threat to us in this modern age. For more information check out: and . These sites were extensively used in this article. Please educate before you vaccinate!
Immunizations: Are They Really Safe and Effective? by Neil Miller
Immunization: Theory vs Reality: Expose on Vaccinations by Neil Miller



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