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Positive Resistance as Heathen Virtue

Within a sound morality and in recognition of the lifestruggle is the virtue of resistance: resistance to degeneracy, to vice, to atheism, to monotheism, to universalism, unsoundness, stagnancy, ad infinitum.

So be it – A few thoughts on the idea of Calm Acceptance

By Sam Coles AOR I try to accept the course of events in my life, living as best as I can, but understanding that difficulty and struggle are not punishment or ‘ill-fate’, but are there to forge a stronger will, to improve us in all our aspects, and to put us onto the right path.

Cats and Pianos

A talk by Heimgest DCG to the 2258 Great Moot. At one point, I had a quite amazing cat called Merlin; he was great at catching mice, he was intelligent, he could open doors and he was very vocal and joined in gealdor. But he couldn't play the piano... It wouldn't matter how long he sat at a piano, he would never be able to play it.