ORBriefing: A Lifeline for Lone Members

By Sarah W. AOR

Look what the OR can do for me! Look what it offers! These comments I thought to myself many times, then it dawned on me, if nobody submitted articles to ORBriefing, if nobody took time to organize and work on things, then there would be nothing for the rest of us to enjoy and look forward to! So I thought, ‘how about doing something myself’ after all, I look forward to receiving my issue of ORBriefing especially as I am a “lone” Odinist and if nobody contributed to it, it couldn’t exist! I saw recently this exact subject being discussed and thought it was high time I got off my rear end and did something to contribute and to be more involved. So bear with me, this is my first!

As for what to write, that was easy. I wondered just how many other isolated Odinists there are out there, whether it’s because you are physically isolated and/or are surrounded by Witches (oops sorry, Wiccans) and general over the top fluffy bunny pagans, and/or have bodily and financial limits to getting out to meet Our Kin. Personally, all these things apply to me, but the main one is that I know many, many pagans; general, Witches, Druids etc. but not another single Odinist, nor anyone interested in Heathenism.
And the danger for many is apathy. But instead of falling by the wayside, this makes me stronger, for I refuse to give in! I refuse to be swayed by others into their ways, or to abandon what I feel in my very blood! I will not give in and start to go down another path that I do not agree with just because there are several people I could be more involved with as a consequence, or more events I could then attend that are local, but of a different path. You and I know what is in our heart, what speaks to us, pulls us even, you may try to deny it, pretend it doesn’t call to you, try other things, but continually over the years, back to it you always come.

Just because something is right does not make it easy, and certainly being a lone Odinist is not easy, I do not get to share Blot, or Sumbel, or talk face to face with my Folk so as to learn more, to understand more about our Faith which I need and so much want to do, so yes, it is harder to learn by yourself, but what of it? It just isn’t as easy is really all! The lack of actual getting together with our Folk is probably the hardest to bear, but at least (finances and health willing) there is the Great Moot we can attend and perhaps even one of the camps. There are also forums, however a lot of people are not into actually posting on them, or physically able to use a pc that easily, so at least there is always ORB to look forward to, to stir the blood! But without contributions it can not exist. And how sad that would be, for even if you know no other Odinist personally, the contagious passion you feel from reading ORB absolutely makes you feel anything BUT alone!

The articles I have read show people that “walk the walk”, (never thought I’d use that phrase) they really do, they are absolute in their commitment, their belief, their passion so obvious and it is inspiring, re-affirming, supportive. It has kept me going through many dark times, to know that others feel exactly as I do and to be able to really feel it from reading an article.

So I say to you my Folk, to those of you alone as I am, if you are feeling that naughty Gremlin named “Apathy” creeping up behind you, pick up a copy of ORB, have a good read, and remember too, that when you honour Our Gods, Our Ancestors, you are NEVER really alone, you ARE heard.