The Great Moot - Observations from a first timer!

By Hodekin AOR The Great Moot… What a wonderful title to conjure with! And for someone who is still very much a newcomer to the OR, and in spite of the many posts on the forum which said everyone would be welcome and no one would be left alone, for me it was still something of a daunting prospect to attend a meeting in which I would come face to face with the very people who I regard as being the living breathing heroes of the Great Awakening.

Great Moot 2262

By Redwald OR Despite months of planning, this year’s Great Moot held a few last minute twists and turns for all concerned it would seem. On my part, I didn’t find out about the venue change until the day before I was due to set out…

The Betrayal of Our People

Wulfstan OR gives an impassioned talk about the constant threats to the uniqueness of our folk. Recorded at the 2005 OR Great Moot in London.

The Noble Nine

Asrad CG discusses the 9 Noble Virtues and their application in every day life. Recorded at the 2005 OR Great Moot in London.

Odinic Rite Vinland Folk Camp 2257

By Kathy Metzger AOR What can I say....another ORV Moot in the pages of OR history. It started as any other Moot, Donar's Hearth members running ragged getting all the preparations in place, finishing our shirts, booklets, food prep, etc... I mark the beginning of Moot at the Portland Airport at 2:30 am picking up our OR Brother Andy from Ontario, Canada. It is was awesome to meet him and honored he made such a long trip to attend Moot!