Profession and Naming Ceremony

By Wolfram OR

Let me start by saying, it was a great honour for me to be professed as I have been a member for several years now. I’ve held off until recently in applying to be professed as there were conditions/circumstances in my personal life that made me feel unfit for the commitment. I’m now a father of two lovely baby girls and we are an Odinist family, though my wife has a stronger leaning towards the Celtic path, we’ve agreed to raise the girls Odinist but with exposure to Celtic culture.

Prior to the GM, we’ve held Blot as a family. However, that was nothing compared to what we were to experience.

The challenge began at the airport. It seemed a bit daunting to travel to the UK with 4 month old twins, but Nicole and I planned it out well. Actually she did the planning as she’s the brains of our family unit. We found a rental flat with all the amenities and close to groceries and drug store. Also before we left I spoke with Asrad on the phone and he assured us that we could call on him if we needed anything. That was the greatest peace of mind of all, to know that we would have support in an emergency. Many, many, many thanks to Asrad!!

Our arrival went well and we were settled in. The girls slept for most of the flight, except to feed and change.

We had it all planned out. By we I mean she, I just had to follow instructions. We each had a diaper bag and slings to carry the girls should something happen to the strollers.
We also had great luck in that our flat was just a several minute walk to the GM venue. And so we arrived at the GM. There was a very warm welcome. It was great to meet new Comrades as well as to see others we’ve met before, again! Right away Hengest greeted us and the introductions began. Aryanna and Katarina were a hit. I was struck by the welcoming feeling once inside. There was a terrific energy in the room.


The girls were good for the most part. I did notice that when they did sound off, I did not sense any irritation from everyone else. Normally in public situations I’ve noticed that some people get irritated by the sound of crying babies. Not at the GM. It felt like a big family gathering.

The talks were all terrific. I related most to Asrad’s talk. Heimgest’s speech was also very inspiring. It was wonderful to witness Hariulf’s profession, as I got a glimpse of what was to come for me.

The Blot was very powerful. The only comparison for me was the Blot at the beach with Donnar’s hearth back in 2257. For Nicole, it was remarkable as this was her first large gathering. The galdr freaked Katarina out a bit, but Nicole and I leaned into her and galdored softly to try to sooth her.

Many thanks to Hengest who helped us out while we were feeding and changing. He also got some great shots of the girls in their OR onesies. After the Moot, we followed as Hengest navigated us to the social. We weren’t going to stay long as it was bedtime for the girls, but everyone encouraged us to stay for a bit, and we’re glad we did. Tyrsson helped us with the strollers and stairs and at one point Asrad took Aryanna for us so we could take turns eating. It was great, just like being at Nicole’s Mom’s house. It’s nice to be able to hand them off sometimes. I really wish we could have stayed longer.

Next came the day of their naming and my profession. It was a feat to make it to the White Horse Stone. Once I had the rental car, as I was to bring it up from the parking garage, I signed the hammer and asked Thor for protection. Thankfully we got an automatic. Driving on the wrong side of the road, the wrong side of the car and London being how it is. We needed all the protection the Gods(esses) could afford. I have to say, what a crazy city to drive in. The roads are so narrow there with no signs anywhere and the gps was slow. It took me an hour to get us out of London. I am still amazed the car had mirrors once I was done with it.

Once out of the city, we met up with Asrad, Hengest and co. and then picked up Heimgest and Eowyn. We then made our way to the WHS. Asrad did the naming of the girls. All was well until the galdoring. Katarina was freaked out a bit by it again but soon settled. What a good feeling it was to see them officially named into our folk.

Next came my profession. Heimgest was the one who conferred it upon me.

It is hard to describe the feeling. I was struck by the seriousness of it all, yet joyful as well. It didn’t feel like Heimgest was looking at me, it felt like he was looking into me. It was very profound, and I did feel “different” afterwards. Hard for me to explain.
When it was all said and done, I felt a great sense of joy which was enhanced by the welcoming hugs from everyone there.

We then retired to a small English pub for dinner and social. Some light conversation and serious as well. By the end of the evening, I had that “wide awake tired” feeling. Asrad did us one more super solid favour, he drove us back to London in our rental car and got the train home. I couldn’t have been more grateful.

The rest of our stay in London was just some sightseeing. We had a safe trip home.

It was an honour and a privilege to be professed and on my birthday to boot. From that day forward, I am now Wolfram OR. I will do my best to live up to the responsibility profession demands and raise our girls in the faith of our people.

Hail the Rite!
Hail our Folk!
Wolfram OR