Thor is the strongest of the Gods. Not only is he the protector of the Gods, but he is known to have a close relationship with humans. Many folk wear Thor’s Hammers as a symbol of protection and dedication to our Gods. Thor is well known for killing frost giants, which is why he is known as a protector.

Thor’s hall Bilskirnir (the Bright-Shining or Suddenly Illuminated) is in the realm known as Thrudheim (Home of the Mighty or Home of the Strong). Along with Thor,the thralls, live in Thrudheim. Again giving Thor a close association with humans.

Thor’s chariot is drawn by two goats Tanngrisnir (Tooth Grinder) and Tanngnostr (Tooth Gnasher). Thor has three magical possessions. The first is his hammer which is called Mjolnir (Crusher). When this hammer is struck it creates thunder. Whenever Thor throws Mjolnir, it always comes back to him. He has a pair of gloves called Jarn Griepr (Iron Gripper) which help him to wield the mighty hammer. And last he his belt Megingjord (Belt of Strength) gives him extra strength.

Artwork: “Thor” by Lorenz Frolich

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