By Asbrandir AOR
First published in ORB 210, Autumn 2258

I believe that it is clear to most people that apathy is generally caused by two factors. The first would be lack of personal contact with another of like mind, with whom ideas, thoughts and general comradeship can be shared. The second, adding to the burden of the first, is to see on a daily basis one’s highest principles and ideals disregarded and trodden into the dirt, if not made outright illegal, in our dishonourable times.

Following on from a conversation I had with a fellow member on the topic of apathy, namely in becoming apathetic towards what we know in our hearts to be right and true, I have decided to write an article dealing with this important subject. I write primarily for two reasons. The first is so that I may begin to understand and conquer my own apathy if and when it arises. For I am honest enough to admit that yes, there are times when I look around me and just wish a tidal wave would inundate the cities and wash our ‘civilisation’ away. The second is for those isolated members, perhaps living in a remote region far from their comrades, or in a city surrounded by consumer-zombies and foreign peoples, and to show them that they are not alone, that we are all in this struggle together.

Personally, I sometimes find it hard just to ‘be’. I feel very alienated from most of those of my own age (I’m 21). It is like they are speaking a foreign language half of the time, even that they are from a foreign land with the way they behave. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand why I am not a part of all that, why I can see through the illusions cast for us by the ghost of Christianity and the modern beast of consumerism/materialism/throwaway ‘culture’, and they cannot. I believe the prime reason for their inability to ‘see’, is that outside of compulsory education, many of my generation, (and indeed the generation before it) do not have the patience or willingness to try to understand any concept or belief system that requires moderate to substantial effort to comprehend. The TV generation demand ‘instant gratification’, and the unknowably long and winding path to Odin Consciousness, a path that leads off the paved highways of modern thought, will to them seem curious at best, but will more than likely written off as a bore. Heimgest DCG made a very similar analysis in his talk at the GM this year, about it being futile to expect a cat to be able to play the piano, the simplest chord even, no matter how long you sit him in front of it, because he has not yet reached that stage of evolution of being able to play. Thus we cannot expect everyone of our Folk to hold the same level of understanding we do, despite the truth appearing starkly obvious in our eyes – for there was once upon a time when it did not seem so clear to us ourselves!

Now, in an effort of solidarity, let me take the example of a frustrating situation that many if not all of us will have come up against at some time or other in our research and/or daily living. I speak of some/many persons who work in organics/ecological conservation, or work in preserving our ancient heritage sites, yet either entirely overlook the importance of biological heritage, or condemn it outright as irrelevant or ‘dangerous’ even. Yes, conservation of our countryside and environment they wholeheartedly endorse, but why is protecting and the revering of the bloodlines of the folk who called this countryside ‘home’ for millenia wrong in their eyes? It is the same when we come upon ‘crusty hippies’ waxing lyrical about protecting our ancient monuments, yet attack anyone who suggests we ought to do more to preserve the bloodlines of those ancestors who built said monuments. It is maddening and frustrating beyond belief to hear these people talk, as the reader will doubtless know! If this kind of encounter occurs with enough frequency, and the folk we find ourselves clashing with are that of our own blood, we may begin to wonder what the point of it all is. Why do we bother trying to preserve and protect something that the seeming majority have little or no regard for? Why not just give up the fight – ‘if you can’t beat them, join them.’ Well, we could do that, and perhaps some have done and more will do in times to come. But there will always be a little voice reminding them of what they’ve forsaken, and that once this truth is forsaken by all those entrusted with protecting it, it will simply disappear and will never exist upon Earth again. This little voice might eventually be silenced, but there will be times when it will suddenly make itself heard despite all efforts to smother it. Once you have seen the light, once you know what is true and right for you and your Folk, it is impossible to fall into a ‘blissful’ ignorant slumber again – your conscience can assure you of that.

As a good friend of mine in the OR said to me,

“The path you have found yourself on is not easy, the easy path is taken by the masses, you are not one of them, you are one of us, The Vanguard of the New Awakening!

We all have highs and lows, it’s human nature, but as Odinists we face the lows with a smile, and soldier on.”

The purpose of this article was not to provide a definite solution to becoming apathetic, there is no such thing, but instead an effort to give heart and strength to those in the doldrums, to those of our movement that are struggling in bearing the weight of their vanguard alone. So I say to you, take heart comrades, for you are not alone! We are here for each other, and the brilliant initiatives like Acorn Hollow, the Correspondence Course, the Hospital Visiting Service, and the Prison Outreach illustrate this perfectly. Forget about the masses! As the Vanguard, we remain in the minority in order to reach those with a fighting spirit and a sense of self-sacrifice. Such qualities will never be found in the majority, but always the minority; history shows us this in manifold examples.

In conclusion, if you are feeling down and listless, just remember there is nothing like helping others of your Folk, especially OR Folk, to make you feel happy and worthy – it is guaranteed to lift your spirits like nothing else. From writing an article on something important to you, which is both personally fulfilling and helpful to others, to giving a talk at the GM, making the effort to visit a distant friend or helping a worthy neighbour with their chores. I can speak from experience when I say voluntary work can open many new doors and friendships that would have otherwise remained closed to you, and it is good for personal evolution to understand not to place so much [monetary] value on your time. Finally we can begin to realise that the cure to apathy, in many cases, is activity – so get involved today!

Hail Algiz, the power of the Folkish spirit striving towards the ideals and realm of the Aesir.
Hail Nauthiz, the anvil on which a stronger will and resolve is forged. We need struggle to evolve.
Hail the High Gods and Goddesses of our Folk
Hail the Rite
Acknowledgements and influences

Hengest OR and Heimgest DCG’s speeches at the OR GM in London, 8th November 2008
Tyrsson OR
All those involved with OR Prison Outreach
All those involved with Acorn Hollow
All those who make/have made sacrifices for what they know is right in their hearts.