A Poem By Blutgeist OR

Hail New Dawn!
Hail New Awakening!
Hail Sacred Powers of Old!
Hail Holy Ones of Our Blood
In ancient Saga long told!

Hail Æsir! Hail Vanir!
I salute you now,
Not as slave, burdened with shame and sin,
But as a freeborn member of the Folk,
and as your younger kin!

Nor do I approach you, fearful,
fawning, upon bended knee;
but responding to your call
I stand with dignity proud and tall
as you would have me be!

The Holy Ones require not submissive worship
nor sycophantic flattery.
They seek a heart true and pure
and an honour loyal and brave
for they are Noble Gods secure!

Hail Odin!
Hail the Folk!
Hail the New Awakening!