OR Update – November 2263

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The following update has been sent out to our email list subscribers.

OR Media presents: Odic Force Meditation

Including regular meditation as part of one’s spiritual practice is very beneficial and as such is something highly encouraged by the Odinic Rite.

This new presentation from OR Media is a very useful tool to aid meditation (and also light trance state/work) as Redwald OR has constructed it in such a way that this guided ‘Odic Force meditation’ not only leads one along a path but gives meditation and light trance inducing techniques as it guides.

It is a valuable aid whether one is just beginning meditative practice or is more advanced, and while it will direct one along the path outlined in this meditation, it allows the listener to experience their own vista.

Om Omi Odin Om
Heimgest DCG

Running time: 16 minutes 12 seconds
Format: Zip file containing mp3 track and pdf of Heimgest’s introduction
Available now to download for $3.50

For further information please visit the OR Store 

OR Gothar Certified

For some time the OR has run a Gothi training program and recently the first two members to complete the complex and arduous course have been certified by the Court of Gothar.

The first to complete was Arinbjorn OR from Idaho, USA, who heads up our Prison Affairs Bureau. He was closely followed by Hariulf OR from Ayent in Switzerland, who is our OR Francophonie point of contact.

Of course, all members can act as Gothi or Gythia when the occasion demands, Hearth Guardians frequently act as the presiding Gothi/Gythia of a Hearth for example. But those who are accepted on the course (and one has to have been an active member for a good period of time before being considered for acceptance) have shown they have a sound understanding of the OR path, theology and philosophy and a dedication to the Rite and the advancement of our holy cause. Of course the ‘learning’ does not stop with passing the course, the learning and gaining of experience and wisdom goes on, for all of us from the newest apprentice to the Court of Gothar.

A mighty hail to Gothi Arinbjorn and Gothi Hariulf! May the high ones guide them in their continued growth and advancement.

OR Store

We thank all for their patience in awaiting the re-opening of the OR’s online store. We will get it back up as soon as possible.