by Thorsigurd AOR.

Courage is my strength
To withstand wretched foes
To sail against the storm
And the will to insist

Honour is my will
To defend my dear folk
My moral in battle
And the drive to do Good

Truth is my oath
To keep what I pledge friends
My word to my kin
And my address to a foe

Fidelity is the love
That I give to my kin
My faith to a pledge
And the bearing of debt

Hospitality is my house
That a traveller shall share
Warm meal on a hearth
And my last horn of mead

Discipline is my strength
To adhere to routine
My daily devotion
And the restraining of wrath

Self-Reliance is my strength
To decide my own path
My hand that feeds the mouth
And my survival in wild

Industriousness is my stride
To produce what I can
The fruits of hard work
And the bread on my plate

Perseverance is my will
To pursue a hard task
My endurance of pain
And my devotion to work