What Is Odinism?

In creation there is diversity and in that wondrous and sacred diversity each folk family of the human race, in symbiosis with the ~ Divine creative powers ~ developed and evolved their own unique organic or natural religions. The natural religion for the Indo European peoples (often called Northern European) is what today is called Odinism.

The Cycles of Time

By Heimgest DGC Currently, most people (especially in the 'Western World') think of 'time' as being linear. As a natural consequence of this thinking, the commonly held view of mankind's evolution is also linear. Thus it is held that human evolution has been an uninterrupted advance from ape to modem man.

The Nine Noble Virtues and Charges of the Odinic Rite

The 9 Noble Virtues The moral code of the Odinic Rite was codified from The Hávamál and The Sigrdrífomál (poems from the Elder Edda) in the early 1970's.

Men and Women in Odinism and the OR

By Eowyn OR Fundamental to Odinism is Natural Law, which works consistently to support positive evolution within a balanced context at all levels. One of the expressions of Natural Law is seen in the fact that there are males and females…

Odinic Rite UK Summer Folk Camp 2008

By Asrad CG The beautiful Derbyshire Peak district was once again the setting for this year’s UK Folk Camp. The area has an abundance of wonderful sites and its magical pull cannot be ignored, so once again the Rite returned to Birchover just below Stanton Moor for our fifth folk camp.

The Great Moot 2257

By Asrad CG I am delighted to once again report to our members that the Great Moot of the Odinic Rite was a complete success and considering the obstacles we faced in organising this years GM that was not always a certainty.

Odinic Rite Vinland Folk Camp 2257

By Kathy Metzger AOR What can I say....another ORV Moot in the pages of OR history. It started as any other Moot, Donar's Hearth members running ragged getting all the preparations in place, finishing our shirts, booklets, food prep, etc... I mark the beginning of Moot at the Portland Airport at 2:30 am picking up our OR Brother Andy from Ontario, Canada. It is was awesome to meet him and honored he made such a long trip to attend Moot!

Odinic Rite UK Folk Camp 2257

Report by Asrad CG Over the first four days of Fallow members of the OR gathered at Birchover in the beautiful Derbyshire Peak district of England for the OR Folk Camp. We returned once more to this beautiful area with its many interesting sites and rolling countryside. Few places can offer such a wealth of ancient history within such a relatively small area.

The Great Moot 2256

Report by Asrad CG On Saturday the 4th Fogmoon 2256 members and friends of the Odinic Rite gathered in London for the Great Moot. Once again we were blessed with a very good turn out with members travelling from across Midgard to be with us. It is heart warming to see the effort that many of our members make to be with us at this very special occasion.

OR Vinland Moot 2256

Report by Kathy AOR First published in ORB 203, Autumn 2006The ORV Moot started for Donar’s Hearth OR early in the week with the visit from Hengest OR. It has been two years since the last time I had seen him and it was nice to welcome…

My Path to Odinism

By Kris Stevenson AOR My path to Odinism has been gradual, and probably one that has taken most of my life up to now without even realising that I was any kind of journey. Science was my bedrock of understanding, although I had always felt that something more existed in this universe beyond the comprehension of man, but I was never able to form an opinion of what, or who, it was.

UK Folk Camp 2256

The 3rd UK Odinic Rite folk camp was held at Uffington in Oxfordshire. The campsite itself was just below White Horse Hill with its famous chalk carving of a horse. (more about that later) White Horse Hill, Dragon Hill and Uffington castle were literally 10 minutes walk from the campsite.